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Dave Chaffee: “I am comfortable pulling a Vendetta” >>>

Dave Chaffee: “I am comfortable pulling a Vendetta” # Armwrestling #

Dave Chaffee will meet Genady Kvikvinia at the professional table at the Vendetta All Stars #50. But he sees another rival. Why? ()

What do you think about the format of armfight? Is it comfortable for you?

– I like the format of armfight. It takes a little bit to get used to. I like the fact that it is one on one. It takes away the unpredictability of a tournament. I am comfortable pulling a Vendetta. It takes a lot more endurance than I'm used to but I think I proved I can handle it with my showing against Trubin.

Do you think the experience gained in armfights gives an advantage in next fights and armwrestling career?

– I think it does. You have to learn your opponent as you go along and sometimes if plan A isn't working than it's time for plan B.

  Sometimes your go to move isn't going to work so you have to switch it up. So, you gain great experience through each armfight.

What armfight would like to see? Why?

– I would like to See Dmitry Trubin vs Levan Saginashvili..They are both top 5 in world and Levan looked very impressive at Zloty Tur last year. I am very interested in seeing the outcome of that match.

Name three potential rivals in armfight for yourself. Why they are interesting?

– You want three potential rivals… Sure. The first one is Pushkar because he is the number one guy in the world. The second one is Pushkar because he has that nice-looking belt that would look great on me. And the third one is Pushkar, well, because I think I earned it...

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