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Vendetta: development # Armwrestling #

A series of Vendetta armfights is a complex project that can be continued in the form of qualifying tournaments. What are the development paths for Vendetta? Igor Mazurenko shares. ()

Last year, for the first time, we had a fight in the 95 kg weight class, the match between Rustam Babaev and Todd Hutchings where the Ukrainian sportsman won. In the future in this category, we want to enter the titles of the European champion and intercontinental champion.

Naturally, we are interested in the development of women's arm-wrestling and are ready to introduce the fight in the women's weight categories into the Vendetta program.

The first attempt of such fights was back in 2006 in Dubai, and we are still burning with this idea, because this is definitely the future of the sport.

How will this pass? For starters, we plan to add 1-2 duels to one Vendetta. Later we will start introducing other weight categories, except for the planned anniversary armfight.

Category 65 kg is one of the most filled among women, we can add to it 57 kg, which we also take in the schedule.

The problem of men's lightweight categories in arm-wrestling, as in other martial arts, is that they are not particularly spectacular. But despite this, we will hold fights among the lightweights and middleweights, especially given the high level of the World Cup and Vendetta.

It is possible that we will take the middle category to work for the implementation of the Top-8 project, which is scheduled as early as 2013 as the Top-16. The number of participants has quite reasonably decreased, because at the moment there is no such number of athletes of the same level.

As in the situation with women's categories, fights of light and medium athletes can also be added to the main ones in the same series of Top-8.

Such guidelines in the development of armfight are expected in the foreseeable future. We invite you to monitor this process on the pages of!

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