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Rustam Babaev vs. Tim Bresnan? >>>

Rustam Babaev vs. Tim Bresnan? # Armwrestling #

It would seem that these are too different athletes to reduce them to armfight. What can they show to the public? Variants from Engin Terzi. ()

There is a big weight difference between Rustam Babaev and Tim Bresnan but Rustam has proven to be a dangerous puller even for the heavyweight pullers. I had trained with Bresnan once and I can say that his pronator is one of the most solid ones that I have ever felt. I remember even Devon and John having hard times to hook Tim in the past. Not sure how good he is at the moment but I am sure that he will bring best of Tim there to beat Rustam Babayev.

Tim has beaten Prudnik who defeated Rustam when Rustam finally lost after years of being undefeated in WAF and EAF events, in 2013 Europeans. Of course, we can not calculate the things in such way. Also Prudnik was already injured from the match that he had against Spartak Zoloev at 2015 Europeans. Last time I saw Bresnan was against Kvikvinia from Georgia. Tim looked good on that day. Kvikvinia found an unexpected way to win rounds against Tim but dead wrist pressure type of pulling is not a way for Rustam to beat Tim. Rustam has very strong fingers and wrist. His explosive start with side hit is probably one of the best in the history.

In my opinion it will go to a strap match as it will not be so easy Rustam to hook Tim without strap and he will most likely choose to hit outside to secure himself.

Rustam has ability of toprolling too, maybe not with very high quality but very powerful toproll he has. So, my guess is that such attempt will result with slipping as neither puller will be able to control the other without strap. Once it will be in the strap then we will see a battle between Rustam'a wrist and Tim's pronator strength. If Rustam's wrist handles his side pressure then he has chance to win but if it does not handle and Tim can use his pronator then I believe Tim is going to win the match.

Do I believe that Rustam has chance to beat Tim with toproll in strap? Not really but a side hit maybe possible for the win. But again, my guess is a strap match and Rustam will try to go inside. It will be all about the go, once the go comes if Rustam can not control the pronator of Tim then he may have very hard time even if his wrist is not toprolled because Tim can effectively pull in semi hook position esspecially if he is in winning position. So Rustam needs to control Tim's pronator at least a bit and the worst case he needs to be at the middle of the table when this happens as it will be very hard to bring Tim's hand back if Rustam is in losing position. Rustam is an offensive puller and to win the match he needs to be in winning position if the match stops after the go.

This is very interesting match up and it is very hard to guess the winner. I wish both pullers the best!

Engin Terzi

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