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"Zloty Tur is a dream of any armwrestler" - Sergey Evtushenko >>>

"Zloty Tur is a dream of any armwrestler" - Sergey Evtushenko # Armwrestling #

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We introduce you to the participant of Zloty Tur-2017, the guy who came to the World Cup for the first time and took 4th place on the right hand in the 105 kg class. As it turned out, many people know this athlete, because he leads an active life, promotes his Instagram profile, leads the channel on YouTube. He is really strong, and the size and shape of the biceps is amazing.

But let's give the floor to Sergey Evtushenko.

Sergey, tell us a little about yourself, how did you came up in arm wrestling?

- I do not have a beautiful story, for example, as many say that they came to armwrestling after viewing "Over the Top". I live and train in Rostov-on-Don city, in a specialized arm-wrestler gym PowerPoint. When I was 15 years old, my father took me to the gym, because I was a "difficult teenager", my father wanted me to be disciplined. In the gym there were many sections, wrestling, weightlifting, and I chose armwrestling, because as it seemed to me, there it is necessary to train less there (laughs). I would have known the truth then!

Who do you train today?

- Oh, in that sense, I am lucky! At the very beginning of the class I got to the absolute champion of the region, but, frankly, he did not do much for me, and except for some basics, I could not get anything out of these classes. In general, the coach looked at me skeptical – I was 185 cm and weighed 63-65 kg. In addition, thin bones, ordinary hands - in general, I was not gifted for arm-wrestling. But in the end I was came to Ivan Dobrorezov, a specialist of the highest class. From under his wing there were already many masters of sports. He is a Teacher with a capital letter. In the literal sense, he raised me both as an athlete and as a person. Well, I have ceased to be "difficult" thanks to the trainer. It is the sin to hide - I'm already 27 years old, but still in some moments my coach replaces my father and mother.

Also Ivan is my promoter and sponsor. In general, as I said, in this sense I was very lucky.

How many times a week do you train, how is your training plan built?

- I'm training now 5-6 times a week, my preparation for the World Cup has already begun. In the process of preparation, I will pull at several intermediate tournaments, so as not to lose the feeling of the table. Maybe somewhere I will lose (laughs), and again the negative will pour. Let it be, very few people understand what intermediate competitions are. That is, literally to go to pull right from the workout. When there is a big goal ahead, it's better to go to her thoroughly. But about the plan - it's better to ask my coach. I do not do amateur activities - I do everything that he gives me.

What fight and what victory in your life do you consider to be the most significant?

- Perhaps, this is the first victory over a famous rival. As an 18-year-old junior, I won a world-class sports master Aslan Tsallagov, and a year later I won a very strong athlete from the Krasnodar region Andrey Minasyan. After these victories, I, as they say, believed in myself. Then there were the victories in the All-Russian tournaments, and A-1 bronze medal, but these two first were remembered the most. Well, the most significant for today I consider my hit to Zloty Tur. It seems to me - Zloty Tur this is the dream of any arm wrestler. This level and such a professional approach to the organization of competitions I have not seen anywhere else. I was quite a bit short of last year's bronze medal, probably, the excitement affected, and I made some fouls in a duel for the coming to the semifinals. This year I'll try to show completely what I'm capable of. Well, the organizers and you - thank you so much for the opportunity to try to realize yourself in the arena of professional armwrestling.

Thank you, Sergey, for the answers, and see you at Zloty Tur!


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