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Luca Drokan: Europeans in Sofia were great! >>>

Luca Drokan: Europeans in Sofia were great! # Armwrestling #

The representative of the Croatian para-team Luca Drokan shared his impressions from the past European Armwrestling Championship "EuroArm 2018" in Sofia, Bulgaria. ()

Croatian para-team consists of two para-armwrestlers - Domagoj Cvitković and myself. This EuroArm was Domagoj's first big championship and he took two 4th places in sitting men over 75 kilos, which is an amazing result. Despite him being a newcomer there, he surprised us all and we (the whole Croatian National armwrestling team ) are very proud of him. He had some good and hard matches, some he won some he lost, but, as we all know, that's part of a process of becoming a world class armwrestler. Regarding my performance, I am satisfied. I lost in finals to a better armwrestler then myself, and thats okay, it's how I said, all part of a process. Despite all, Domagoj and I have to train much more to accomplish everything every armwrestler dreams about, to become the World armwrestling Champions. Senior category was very interesting. 

Zoloev came back and crushed everyone in his path, that's not surprising.

I was surprised how Sweden armwrestler, Vaios Anthoulis, managed to win against Prudnik. It was a good fight. But, my opinion is that Prudnik will come back twice stronger. Croatian seniors were also good, for many of those guys, this was their first European championship and they saw how strong other guys are, and I have no doubt, that they ( Croatian Masters ) will train as hard as they can to reign a seniors category's one day. Europeans in Sofia were great, it's a beautiful city and you have a lot to see. Bulgarian armwrestling federation did their best to make a world class tournament, and, I think they succeeded. Croatian armwrestling team is now preparing for ZG Strong cup in Zagreb, and after that for World's in Turkey. We all are very excited about Turkey. But, excitement won't get you anywhere. Only training and persistence. At the end, let me invite all of armwrestlers to Zagreb, to participate in ZG Strong cup! Come and show what you can do!

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