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What is Armwrestling Fan Collection from PAL? >>>

What is Armwrestling Fan Collection from PAL? # Armwrestling #

Professional armwrestling appeared in 2001. Until now, thanks to the efforts of dozens, then hundreds and thousands of enthusiasts, it grew and developed. Today professional armwrestling is the world’s new mass direction of our sport discipline with its fans, stars and leagues.       According to Igor Mazurenko, the founder and owner of the Professional Armwrestling League, professional armwrestling deserves to have its own history.  ()

Armwrestlers, who have reached the world tops in this fantastically difficult, compared to the amateur, sport must remain in the memory of people and on the tables of history. Therefore, it's time to start "writing" this history. 

Victories and defeats of the past remain with us on the pages of books, newspapers, posters and so on. Today, there is also a video technology for fixing historical events. But the video, as a rule, is drowning in a huge amount of new content. Therefore, it was decided to start with the release of collection posters, timed to the main events organized by the Professional Armwrestling League. PAL will issue collectible items in limited quantities so that their value will only grow over time.


   All holders of our collectible posters, T-shirts, tables and other items will be registered in a special database and we will conduct various exclusive lotteries with valuable prizes among them. 

   In addition to the sports component, armwrestling also carries a huge spiritual and cultural aspect. The Armwrestling community is a real international family with its problems and joys, losses and victories. Let the faces of those who created this family with their selfless work look at us from the walls of gyms and support us both in moments of failure and in moments of dizzying success. Today, everyone has the opportunity to become a part of this historic process by acquiring unique collection items from PAL.

Collectible items from PAL are already available HERE

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