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Dave Chaffee: The power to be revealed.  >>>

Dave Chaffee: The power to be revealed.  # Armwrestling #

Dave Chaffee. The name of this super athlete, professional arm wrestler, is known to every fan of our sports discipline. For several years, this figure occupies a prominent place among the stars of armwrestling. Impressive fights with his participation on different continents are widely discussed by the armwrestling community. In 2017, in the first Vendetta armfight in his career, Dave conquered the belt of the Intercontinental PAL Champion from Dmitry Trubin. You will be surprised, but this belt was the first trophy of Dave Chaffee on the international professional arena. There will be a question: why so bright and really strong athlete didn’t win any of the highest awards of world armwrestling before 2017?  To shed some light on the phenomenon of David Chaffee, we asked the President of the Professional Armwrestling League, Igor Mazurenko.  ()

"In 2010, during the World Championship, held in the US, the organizers of the championship recommended me to pay attention to the "great guy“ (then just a "great guy“) Dave Chaffee. As I was told, this athlete has everything to become the next World Champion among professionals. And, in fact, at that championship Dave won. 

In less than 4 months, I met Dave at the “Arnold Classic” armwrestling tournament. In my opinion, this was the best tournament in the history of “Arnold Classic”. Such stars as Denis Tsyplenkov, Richard Lupkes, Michael Todd, Artem Tainov and other eminent athletes took part in that competition.

It was when we all witnessed a very interesting battle between Denis Tsyplenkov and Richard Lupkes. But Dave Chaffee was not lucky that time - he lost. 

In 2013, I invited him to the Professional World Cup (then- Nemiroff World Cup) held in Warsaw, Poland. And there we saw a real Dave Chaffee - super-athlete, professional armwrestler in the weight class of +95 kg, who managed to stop Denis Tsyplenkov himself. 

Denis, answering the question, what really happened then, said that he decided not to start abruptly, but to try how strong Dave is in the hook. 

"And almost just like John Brzenk, whom I lost in 2009, Chaffee turned out to be a very difficult opponent. Of course, I managed to win that match, but it costed me a victory in the Unlimited weight class. "- said Denis.


What are the main characteristics of this athlete? 

Huge power potential with a relatively low speed at the start and relatively low endurance. If success in the Armfight depended only on the strength component then Dave Chaffee would rightfully be the owner of the Professional World Champion title. In any case, his vivid and impressive duels are already inscribed in the history of the world armwrestling. 

During the upcoming Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50 series, which will be held in Poland on November 17-18, 2018, Dave will have the opportunity to break into the top three of the world's strongest arm wrestlers. If he wins a duel with his difficult opponent - Genadi Kvikvinia from Georgia, Dave will get what he deserves - a place in the pantheon of the world professional armwrestling.

The sports career of Genadi, by an amazing coincidence, is very much like Dave's career. Strong, bright, spectacular fighter, more than once approached the highest positions of the sport, but every time, something prevented him from passing the last rubicon. Just like Dave, Genadi is "knocking the heaven's door" and will go all in to win this series. 

 Armfight is a format of a duel that gives equal chances to athletes and puts everything in its place. The fight between Dave and Genadi is waited by thousands of fans in the world. I'm sure we all will witness the unfolding of Dave Chaffee's incredible potential. "

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