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EL Andary is placing Lebanon on the World Armwrestling map >>>

EL Andary is placing Lebanon on the World Armwrestling map # Armwrestling #

Almost a year ago the Lebanese Armwrestling Federation was founded. Since then the Lebanon armwrestling made giant steps forward. The first in the Arab world armwrestling tournament ever - the National Armwrestling Championship (LAW) - was organized and had a huge success. After that the Lebanon National team won 2 gold medals on the professional series of fights “Vendetta” in Italy. Today we are talking to the person who made it all happen, LAW founder and President, Mr. Karim EL Andary.  () Mr. Andary, the whole armwrestling world is amazed by the growth of the Lebanon armwrestling for such a short period of time. What is the next step?

EL Andary: We are not going to slow down. We are about to launch LAW2 tournament in July, August, September 2018, a full season that will run in 6 regions: Beirut, Bekaa, North, Mount Lebanon, South plus Armed forces championships then the championship will go to the finals in the Center of Beirut. The overall event timing is 10 weeks.

We added 2 new categories. The first one is the Armed forces category, since the Army, internal forces, general forces, customs forces, firefighters & state security forces will compete in 1 event.  By the results 3 winners will go to the finals. Why 3 winners not 2 ?

EL Andary: Here is the 2nd additional category - the first Women Armwrestling category. We open the space for ladies to compete in 6 regions and have 6 winners going to the finals.

So soon we will find out who will be the first Lebanese woman titled National Armwrestling Champion 2018. What do you think about the progress of professional arm wrestling in Lebanon?

EL Andary: We have a surprise for all Lebanese Armwrestling followers & fans and for all armwrestlers worldwide as well. We are preparing the first LAW Super match in Beirut with participation of 2 international stars coming to pull our champions - Marc Bassil (heavy weight category) & George Bejjani (light weight category). The bouts will take place in front of hundreds of thousands of local and international spectators. This professional tournament will be broadcast live on LBCI local TV and PAL USA live streaming worldwide ( The names of the international athletes will be announced soon.

We are placing Lebanon on the World Armwrestling map, and I guarantee that Lebanese champions Marc Bassil and & George Bejjani will not let any athlete of any level coming from abroad dream of winning the “Lebanese Power” in Beirut.

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