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Questions and answers of the European Championship >>>

Questions and answers of the European Championship # Armwrestling #

The European Arm wrestling Championship is over, and, as you know, some athletes who take part in the anniversary Vendetta # 50, pulled there as well.  Have we got any hint on who of them will be the clear favorite in their Vendetta match, or we have got even more questions than before the main amateur event of the European continent? Let's look at it together. ()

So, Oleg Zhokh, quite predictably, swept through his weight category, not leaving even a small chance for anyone. His rival, Vitaly Laletin, on the left hand came out as confidently as Oleg. And here, perhaps, stands up a big question: who will be the winner of this match, since both athletes are definitely prepared, and it was namely the left hand where they totally dominated over all their rivals. Both know how to start, both can fight in a protracted struggle. In favor of Vitali, you can consider the difference in weight only, but we know perfectly well that Oleg has been never scared of heavyweights.

But there still was an answer to another question: is Levan Saginashvili ready to fight with Dmitry Trubin on the right hand? The answer is clear - Levan is ready. Every year Levan confidently grows in technique and in the strength. This time in final match he defeated his compatriot Genadi Kvikviniya, and we know that Genadi is one of the the strongest heavyweights of the world level. Dmitry Trubin needs to think a lot and be very cautious with such an opponent as Levan.

The same thing relates to Genadi. In Vendetta armfight he will pull Dave Chaffee, one of the few athletes who could once stop Denis Tsyplenkov himself. There is certainly a lot to work on, but he still has some time, and let's hope that the Georgian top will put his best against Chaffee’s power!

President of PAL Igor Mazurenko

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