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Luba Kharchenko: Just to visit the Zloty Tur is an achievement already! >>>

Luba Kharchenko: Just to visit the Zloty Tur is an achievement already! # Armwrestling #

We continue to tell you about the athletes going to participate in the "Zloty Tur" Professional World Cup 2018. And today it is a strong and womanly Luba Kharchenko from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Luba works as a personal trainer in fitness, bodybuilding and arm wrestling, and recently she defended her diploma with honors for an  EMERCOM (emergency responders) employee. ()

Luba, surely you used to be an ordinary girl, with bows and braids. When and why did sport come into your life?
    I do not remember when I was ordinary ... I've been in sports for more than six years. Previously, it was powerlifting, but only for myself, not for victories. Though ... there was a victory, at the championship of the Southern Federal District I became the absolute champion in the deadlift.
You just woke up one day and decided: "I should go and drag the pieces of iron" or was there another reason?
    In the ninth class I was going to seriously lose weight. I read sports literature about exercises and diet. I started to train at home myself, without any machines. Then I began to go to the gym and got a desire to lift all the big weights .. So I reached my own record - 175 kilograms in deadlift at the own weight of 68 kg.
And how did you get into arm-wrestling?
    To arm wrestling I got by accident: I just decided to take part in local competitions in my town, took third place, but my future coach Ivan Dobrozesov noticed me there. He approached me and invited me to go to the arm wrestling school in Rostov. At first I hesitated - I was building a career in powerlifting. But our Sanych (as we call a coach) is able to persuade (laughs). Now I do not regret that I came to this sport and immediately got to such an expert.

For only a year and a half I fulfilled the Master of Sports standard of Russia, two years later I became the Champion of Russia among juniors up to 21 ..., there were still victories at Russian federal tournaments. Unfortunately, studies, preparation for the diploma did not allow me to go to the European and world championships, but now I'm getting ready for the Professional World Cup!
What do you expect from pulling on the Zloty?
    The very first thing I want to do is go there because it's a legendary tournament! Just to visit the Zloty Tur is an achievement already, and many thanks to Ivan Aleksandrovich for pushing me to this step, he motivated me. To be honest, I'm not in the best shape now, I had a diploma ... so I hesitated again whether to go or not, but still with the coach we made a joint decision to go! Preparation is already underway, I will be performing in a new weight category - up to 65 kg.

    I lose weight, from 73 kg I have reduced it to 64,8 kg. I will keep it all the remaining time and "work out" in a new weight. I really want to perform well and get a chance to participate in Vendetta. Especially for the preparation I have everything - support for loved ones, a wonderful coach, an excellent arm-wrestling gym with modern equipment, but I lack perseverance and purposefulness (laughs).

   Thank you, Luba, we will wait for you in autumn in Poland!

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