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Snezhana Babaeva: If I pulled this, Rustam would fall into depression >>>

Snezhana Babaeva: If I pulled this, Rustam would fall into depression # Armwrestling # starts a series of reports about the participants of the upcoming “Zloty Tur” Professional Armwrestling World Cup. The hero of today's material is the multiple World and European Champion, the winner of the World Cup Snezhana Babaeva. ()

Snezhana Babaeva is preparing for the “Zloty Tur” Professional Armwrestling World Cup. 

This year, she considers her main rival - Esra Kiras from Turkey. 

For many years already Snezhana has been performing in the weight category up to 52 kg. 

And although she performs at competitions much longer than her rival, Snezhana herself says that Esra has added so much power today that it is necessary to prepare very seriously.

We attended the training session of Snezhana Babaeva in her native Kharkov, Ukraine. That day she did the wrist workout.

After a good warm-up, Snezhana put 27,5 kg on a dumbbell and easily did several reps on her left and right arm. Snezhana, are your right and left arms different?

Snezhana: The left hand is more obedient, technical, although in strength it does not overcome the right hand. The right hand is simply unpredictable! It is a little stronger than the left, but in technical terms, it is harder with it. At today's training, you plan to raise the dumbbell with a wrist. What is the maximum weight you plan to take today?

SB: Today I plan to take about 77 kg. And why exactly this weight?

SB: Because the dumbbell neck weighs 7 kg, and plates are standard - 5kg and 2.5kg. The maximum that you can take on this dumbbell is 97 kg. I hope that you will not pull 97 kg today.

SB: No, of course. Even my brother, Rustam, does not raise so much. If I pulled this, Rustam would fall into depression.

As Snezhana planned, Snezhana reached 77 kg during training and even tried 82 kg on hold.

Soon there will be a special Armbets News video report from this training.
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