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Dmitry Silaev: Georgia is growing a huge giant! >>>

Dmitry Silaev: Georgia is growing a huge giant! # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Silaev, a Russian arm wrestler, a prize-winner of the “Zloty Tur” Professional Armwrestling World Cup, considered by many the most likely winner of the Cup this year, began reconnaissance before the fight. Immediately after the tournament in Vladikavkaz, Russia, Dmitry went to Georgia to train with Genadi Kvikviniya and Levan Saginashvili. And here's what he saw there. ()

In Georgia Dmitriy was met traditionally warmly. Georgian cuisine and Georgian hospitality are impressive even for those who visit this beautiful country often. Dima came for only 2 days and went on training with Georgian professionals. 

Dmitry Silaev: The first thing I want to do is to reassure all fans of Genadi Kvikviniya, who are worried about his injury after an epic fight with Levan at the European Championship. There is no trace left from the injury, and Genadi progresses very dynamically.

He is very strong already and practicing with him at the table, I was grateful to Igor Mazurenko who took to the armfight such a serious rival from my path to the World Cup 2018. Genadi is a very strong, fast athlete with unpredictable tactics at the table. 

But most of all, I was shocked by Levan. Now he's an unbelievable monster. I met Levan before, but I never saw him so huge. In fact, there is a feeling that Georgia is growing a huge giant, which is preparing to overcome the whole world! 

It's a pity that I had only 2 days in Georgia, but I have to go home, have a rest after the competitions, and continue my preparations for the “Zloty Tur” World Cup. 

This year, I expect to take the Cup to Russia.

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