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LVIV OPEN CUP Summed Up >>>

LVIV OPEN CUP  Summed Up # Armwrestling #

On June 23-24, 2018, the largest international arm wrestling tournament "LVIV OPEN CUP 2018" took place in Lviv. This year, the competition was held in 6 weight categories men and one women. The age category of Juniors (18 y.o. and younger) was also a novelty of the tournament. 130 athletes from 24 cities of Ukraine and guests from Belarus and Poland participated in the "LVIV OPEN CUP 2018". Summary by Nazar Ivanitsky published on ()

    At the Finals the hall was completely packed with fans of arm wrestling, who came to support their idols and watch a real emotional struggle. The level of the participants of the competition was very high as the world's arm wrestling stars pulled in it.

    The prize fund of the tournament was a record 120 000 UAH(USD4000). The central and the most sensational match of the tournament was a fight in the category +95 kg on the left hand between the multiple world champion Oleg Zhokh (World top 5 on the left hand, regardless of weight) and the absolute world champion in heavyweight category Andriy Pushkar. In their first match Andriy won by the fouls and in the Finals Oleg Zhokh was able to impose his struggle and to win a difficult victory in a spectacular battle. On the right hand there was an Open category, in which the most powerful athletes took part. Despite this, Andrey Pushkar became the winner there without any problems and took the main Cup of the tournament.

   The multiple Champion of the World and Europe Victoria Ilyushina from Kharkiv, Ukraine became a winner in the category of 60 kg on the right and left hand. 

   Tatiana Terpitskaya from Belarus took the second place on two hands, as she could not confront anything against her titled rival. 

    In the category of 63 kg on the left hand among men the first place was taken by the multiple champion of Ukraine and Europe Alexander Blanderin from Mariupol. Alexander won his victory in a difficult duel with Dmitry Bezkorovainy - the multiple Champion of Europe and the World from Kharkiv. On the right hand, the situation was completely different. The first place was taken by Oleksandr Rassokhin from Zhytomyr. The second place was taken by Alexander Makedonski from Kyiv. 

    In the category of 70 kg on the left hand, Denis Matiash from Poltava won the confident victory and the second place went to Vladislav Chumyshiv from Belarus. On the right hand the first place was taken by Sergey Tochinsky from Ternopil and the second place was hit by Alexander Zayets from Khmelnytsky. 

   Category 78 kg was the most crowded and there was a real war for prize places. On the left hand victory was won by Roman Sineiko from Lviv, who won Roman Mantyka from Poltava in Finals. On the right hand in the spectacular final match, Dmytro Melnyk from in Ivano-Frankivsk took the first place and the second was Viktor Mushirovsky from Rivne. 

    In the category of 86 kg on the left hand the winner was Petrenko Oleg, second place was taken by Igor Pasieka. On the right hand the situation went vice versa - 1st place - Igor Pasieka, the second - Petrenko Oleg, both athletes are from Ternopil. 

    In the category of 95 kg, nobody could resist Vadim Stetsyuk from Ternopil, the second was Roman Shchudro from Dnieper. On the right hand Ruslan Chernyavskyy in an interesting and intense fight overcame Vadim and took the 1st place.

    In the hardest category - +95 kg - Oleg Zhokh won the sensational victory on the left hand, making Andrei Pushkar the second. On the right hand Andriy defeated Peter Margarint from Odessa and took first place.

    The International Tournament "LVIV OPEN CUP" was held at a very high organizational level and it was a real festival of sport for the fans and athletes. 

    Many thanks to the Lviv City Council's Youth and Sports Administration and all the sponsors, thanks to whom this remarkable event took place.

Author: Nazar Ivanitsky 

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