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XSportNews rankings: Debates explode! >>>

XSportNews rankings: Debates explode! # Armwrestling #

Recently, the popular arm wrestling website XSportNews has published its world top 20 professional arm wrestlers rankings. XSportNews immediately warned that the ranking was subjective and compiled according to its readers’ opinion. The ranking caused a mixed reaction both of the arm wrestling fans and athletes. ()

According to the readers’ ranking, the first place among the professionals on the left hand belongs to Oleg Zhokh, the second - Andrei Pushkar. On the right hand, the first place remains Andrei Pushkar’s, the second - Dave Chaffee’s.

    The authors explain that rankings were corrected in connection with the results of EuroArm and LVIV OPEN CUP. So the 1st place on the left hand went to Oleg Zhokh after a crushing victory over Andrei Pushkar in the final of the LVIV OPEN CUP. 

After this match, the opinions of the fans about their outcome were divided. Some argue that Oleg's victory was contractual and Pushkar did not fight “on his full," others believe Oleg, who has already released a video, which confirms that there was no staging.


In social networks there is a fierce debate, the match again and again is analyzed "through magnifying glass". 

Therefore, some experts may disagree with the XSportNews rankings

But the ranking also triggered a very emotional reaction of some athletes. So Levan Saginashvili, who on the left hand takes only 3rd place, and on the right - 6th exploded indignantly! Usually a calm giant reacted very rigorously to the assessment and said that he was ready to fight with Zhokh immediately to prove that he was the strongest arm wrestler of the World. 

In November, on Vendetta ALL STARS - Armfight # 50, Levan is to meet with one of the stars who take a higher ranking position on the right hand - Dmitry Trubin. But the noise that arose around the match between Zhokh and Pushkar and amplified by the XSportNews rankings publication may provoke him to seek justice even before Vendetta. will follow the updates of this story.

Source: XSportNews rankings
Picture: XSportNews

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