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Dave Chaffee: The truth behind the "Easy Money". >>>

Dave Chaffee: The truth behind the "Easy Money". # Armwrestling #

Dave Chaffee, known also as Dave “Easy Money” Chaffee, is in arm wrestling since 2006. Today, looking at the most powerful arm wrestler in the US, World Champion, PAL Intercontinental Champion, one can get the impression that his career was going smoothly up and Dave was always lucky. First he was lucky with genetics - he has big hands and long forearms, then he was lucky with friends who taught him a lot and were a real support team for him, and of course he was lucky with rivals (except Pushkar and Tsyplenkov) who turned out to be weaker than Dave. What is really behind the image of Dave Chaffee, nicknamed "Easy Money"? Is it really easy for him? ()

    Despite the fact that in his few interviews Dave talks openly about his training sessions, shares his emotions about what's happening in the sport, many think that Dave Chaffee gets it all really easily. But in fact, everything, of course, is not so.

    In an interview with ArmbetsNews (which is currently being prepared for release), Dave admits that he owes his success not only to his natural power, but also to the tremendous work he does in the gym. And the volume of this work, indeed, far exceeds what the average sportsman does. Dave trains 5-6 times a week, once a week he is working at a table. During some training cycles, he can visit the gym 2-3 times a day. Talking about his training program, he quickly and easily lists the exercises that he does during the week and those who understand the topic understand that this is a solid array of exercises. That is the basis of ease, the visibility of which Dave Chaffee so successfully creates.

    But there is something else that can not be connected with simple luck. First, it is the athlete's ability to go through defeats and injuries. Secondly, this is a team that is able not only to share your successes, but also to help rise again after the fall.

    Having won his first tournament in 2006, Dave, who since childhood was used to being the strongest among his peers, immediately believed in himself and decided to take part in the State championship of Ohio in 2007. But there he got an unpleasant surprise.

In the second match, Dave broke his right hand.

Remembering what he felt at that moment, Dave says it was not fun at all. The championship was held in a small town and local meds had to help him, consulting with the doctor on the Internet. While they were doing this, Dave felt crushed. For the next 6 weeks, Dave had to wear brace, but did not stop training. He trained his left hand, and when the right one recovered a bit, he continued to work on the technique. At that moment, according to him, he was very much supported by friends from the team - Bart Wood and James Wagner. Thanks to their support, Dave did not even think about leaving armwrestling. 

The hand healed, but in his head, this accident was still alive. Another 2 years, during the fight, somewhere in the Dave subconsciousness triggered a fuse: "I must be careful, I'm in a bad position!"

But one day, this fear simply disappeared and everything fell into place.

So the love of sports, perseverance in training and the support of arm-wrestling brotherhood helped overcome fear and internal barriers. 

About this and more, see the next ArmbetsNews episode on the ArmbetsTV Youtube channel, which will be released soon. 

Today, Dave Chaffee is preparing for the main event of the year in professional arm wrestling - Vendetta All Stars # 50, which will be held November 17-18, 2018 in Poland and which will bring together the world's strongest arm wrestlers to date

Dave looks calm and confident and now we all know why.

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