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Beso Lekiashvili: I started training when I lost >>>

Beso Lekiashvili: I started training when I lost # Armwrestling #

Each and every one of you - arm-wrestling athletes has their own history, their first touch with this sport. Some wrestled back in school, others were brought to gyms by friends, parents... Beso Lekiashvili admits that he has been motivated to train by loss in local competitions. Here is the interview of Anna Mazurenko with this great athlete. ()

Anna Mazurenko: Remind me how long you've been training?

Beso Lekiashvili: It's been 26 years already, I started at school. Back then I was an athlete, but I did not hear about armwrestling. I got sick and it seriously damaged my physical condition. Then there was a long rehabilitation. I was looking for some sport that was meeting my needs. In the early nineties, armwrestling appeared in Georgia. I knew nothing about this sport. Once there was a tournament in my home-town, Rustavi. I signed in and…lost! And then… then I started working my butt off!


: As for me, the best part of armwrestling is its people. What do you like about this sport ?

B.L.: You know, first it was just a hobby that later turned into my profession and lifestyle. Armwrestling gave me joy of life, new friends. After all, I met you at a competition ...

A.M.: Does a senior armwrestler like you need a coach?

B.L.: I do not have a coach, I control my training process myself, I set my own plans, supplementation. I practice with different athletes, attend  team sparrings.

A.M.: What is your favorite pulling style?

B.L.: I really like the hook, it's my favorite style. Unfortunately, I do not have genetic predispositions to fight in hook and that's why I mostly use top-roll. But I love the hook!

A.M.: What would an experienced athlete like you say to the beginners?

B.L.: The talent itself, even the biggest one, is nothing without hard work! Talent itself guarantees literally nothing! No matter how talented you are, without hard work you will not achieve anything in this sport! You must work till you fall! And remember that you must train properly, so listen to the advice of more experienced athletes. I did not have such opportunities at the beginning. I made mistakes in training and I did not have anyone to show me the right way. I lost a few years. Listen and watch older athletes, learn from their experience. Making mistakes is a waste of time.

A.M.: Where will we see you this year?

B.L.: I will pull in the World Championship in Turkey and of course I will come to your World Disabled Cup!

A.M.: Thanks for the interview.

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