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Arsen Liliev on his comeback to arm wrestling. >>>

Arsen Liliev on his comeback to arm wrestling. # Armwrestling #

The multiple world and European champion, the winner of the “Zloty Tur” World Cup, the winner of the A1 tournament, Arsen Liliev is increasingly appearing in the information space recently. Despite the big break, the name of this legendary athlete is familiar to every armwrestling fan. We met Arsen at the World Armwrestling Championship in Turkey and asked him a few questions. ()

Arsen, please tell us, what are you doing at the World Championship, whom do you support?

We came to watch, we came to cheer, to see those whom we haven’t seen for a long time, old friends. I support Pushkar only. Despite the fact that he does not participate in the World Championship I still cheer for him. Everything is good, everything is smooth, I have not seen some people for 5-6 years, but everyone I meet remembers and knows me. Very nice!

There are rumors lately that you can return to the sport. What are they based on?

These rumors can only be based on a very, very good reward. So far there is no such money in our sport, so for now I will be heading an armwrestling fan club.

And what reward looks good for you to return into the sport?

This is negotiable, negotiable!

Well, tell us so that we can prepare, understand the order of numbers ...

Well, let’s start from 100,000 ...

Russian rubles?

Yeah, rubles ... yeah, of course(laughs)!

How are your hands? If you go back, then on what hand will you pull?

My hands are fine. I did not train at all for 5-6 years. Nothing hurts, I feel good and I don’t really want to go back to the sport. It’s better for me on this side, the side of armwrestling fans.

In the expert community, so to speak?

Exactly, exactly ... Doing the commentary!

You will comment on Vendetta All Stars for the Russian-speaking audience. What do you think about this event?

This is the coolest event. I flew to Turkey with my friend. Together we decided to stop traveling just to the sea and travel only to sporting events. We recently visited  2 boxing matches. Now we are at the World Championships and then, of course, we are sure to go to the World Cup “Zloty Tur”, Vendetta All Stars. This is the coolest event in the entire history of armwrestling.

What are your predictions on Denis Tsyplenkov matches?

I will be open, in the Larratt - Tsyplenkov duel, I will root for Denis. Russia forever! Who needs those all overseas stars?

In all the other fights I will be rooting for Pushkar. I do not hide it, therefore, Andrei - go ahead!

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