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Malin Kleinsmith: It doesn't change who I am! >>>

Malin Kleinsmith: It doesn't change who I am! # Armwrestling #

World armwrestling star Malin Kleinsmith rewarded her fans with a victory at the World Armwrestling Championship WAF and proved that she is the strongest in the world in the category -65kg. ()

Malin started armwrestling in 1994 and in 1998 the athlete for the first time performed at the World Armwrestling Championship.

Malin’s homeland, Sweden, is famous throughout the world for its traditions of female arm wrestling. Charming Swedes win prizes at the largest international tournaments, demonstrating a completely male power. Answering the question of how it turned out that the female armwrestling received such an amazing development in Sweden, they say that it all started with the invitation of the girlfriends to the training, and they invited their girlfriends. As a result, in different cities and clubs, women's armwrestling communities were formed, which became a real family for their participants. 

Thanks to arm wrestling, Malin traveled dozens of countries, winning the highest titles of Europe and the world. 

Her first professional arm wrestling experience was taking part in one of the first Vendetta armfights in Dubai. In 2006, in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, a female Vendetta took place, in which Malin won against Veronica Bonkova.

Recalling this fight, Malin said: “I fought on Vendetta in Dubai.

But that was a long time ago and much has been changed in armwrestling since then. Professional armwrestling has become tougher and bigger. ”

But, developing his professional career, Malin continues to keep abreast of amateur armwrestling.

2018 will be a special year for her - Malin will take part in the most significant tournament in the history of sports - Vendetta All Stars 50. And, despite the fact that a professional title fight against Marlena Wawrzyniak requires hard preparation, Malin decided to take part in the amateur WAF Worlds. It was a fundamental decision by the athlete. This year, athletes from 47 countries took part in the WAF World Armwrestling Championship and it was important for Malin to make sure that she is the best in the world in her category.

After the World Championship in Turkey, having received the gold medal and belt of the WAF World Armwrestling Champion, Malin receives congratulations from his friends and fans from around the world.

In her Facebook account, Malin published a little erotic photo session with a World Champion belt and a caption:

“I think that I can still have both feet on the ground after winning the world title. It doesn't change who I am. Just a normal day for me as usual. "

Photo: Malin Kleinsmith Facebook

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