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“Denis Chernobyl” or “already too big to lose”! >>>

“Denis Chernobyl” or “already too big to lose”! # Armwrestling #

Resonant video with Denis Tsyplenkov from Armbets News, which appeared on Youtube on November 3, just blew up the arm-wrestling community. Perhaps this was the tricky idea of ​​Igor “Don” Mazurenko to release this video as late as possible. ()

The historic Vendetta All Stars, which will be held on November 17-18, 2018, is about two weeks away.

Many fans of arm wrestling are very interested in how the preparation of Denis Tsyplenkov, the strongest Russian and world armwrestler, for the main event in his career - the “double assault” of the world's highest title - World Champion on the right and left hands — is going on.

And now a new video was released on Armbets TV Youtube channel about the preparation of Denis, which caused a flurry of enthusiastic emotions of his fans.

New measurements of Denis’s power indicators on the Igor Mazurenko system showed that the strength of the Russian Hulk increased by 20% for a month and a half from his previous challenge and his biceps grew from 53 cm to 58 cm. And, according to Denis, this is only an intermediate result. The giant plans to gain more muscle mass by the match and to increase the power performance by at least another 15%.


Also, in the new episode of Armbets News, appears Denis’ rival on the left hand - the most enduring armwrestler of the world, a Canadian, a veteran of Canadian special forces - Devon Larratt. He says that he is preparing hard for the fight, although he does not disclose details. Devon promises his fans “to crush this Denis-Chernobyl”. Angry comments from Denis fans were not long in coming.

Most experts and fans of armwrestling, after watching the video, say that the current Denis’ shape leaves little doubt that the chances of Devon Larratt to win are decreasing every day. Denis, to date, has no equal in professional armwrestling in physical indicators, in back pressure and fingers strength.

On the other hand, it would not be entirely correct to draw final conclusions solely on power indicators. We should not forget that Devon Larratt’s strongest side is endurance, and we can only guess about the level of endurance of Denis.

Details are in the new episode of Armbets News on Youtube.

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