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Devon Larratt is on the warpath! >>>

Devon Larratt is on the warpath! # Armwrestling #

After Michael Todd chilled Devon Larratt, who was used to winning and laughing at a defeated opponent, a Canadian special forces veteran faces a real challenge that he calls the most important in his sports career. ()

Devon released a video in which, as usual, he tried to look like a real gentleman, making predictions for the upcoming Vendetta ALL Stars 50 fights, which is less than 2 weeks away from now.

The legend of world armwrestling will have to fight on the left with a huge Denis Tsyplenkov from Russia, according to many, the strongest armwrestler in the world. After Devon, Denis will fight on his right hand for the title of World Champion with Andrey Pushkar.

In his monologue on Youtube, Devon Larratt says a lot of lofty words about his rival:

“Denis Tsyplekov is the guy who is simply the embodiment of Hulk Wagner on Earth.”

“I did not see how Denis loses.


“Denis is the biggest challenge in my career! In terms of the strength, power, and natural potential of this guy. ”

However, the very appearance of Devon in the video suggests that the words are just a cover for another secret special operation by Devon Larratt.

In the end, when the supply of compliments ends, we hear what the Canadian champion seems to be thinking:

“I'll blow all the blood out of this guy!” 

“Watch me crush this Denis Chernobyl!”

In a word, we are waiting for a new video from Devon, this time in camouflage, with war paint on his face and a grenade in his left hand!

Do not miss the live broadcast of Vendetta All Stars 50 with Devon Larratt and Denis Tsyplenkov on November 17-18, 2018. Get 2-day access to  matches in advance via the link:

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