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Whose fans are cooler? Rating of Vendetta All Stars 50 countries! >>>

Whose fans are cooler? Rating of Vendetta All Stars 50 countries! # Armwrestling #

Russia and the United States are the leaders, Georgia and Kazakhstan close the list. ()

Entrance tickets for Vendetta All Stars have already been 99%, sold and the sales of live broadcasts have exceeded the previous figures.

This is a sign of high support from the fans of our sport. Today we will try to determine where they come from.

To date, in percentage, the ranking of countries - participants of the anniversary Vendetta All Stars 50 by the number of purchased online broadcasts looks as follows:

1 place. Russia - 20%

The popularity of Denis Tsyplenkov and the fame of Vitaly Laletin can serve as an explanation of the Russian leadership in this list. The country, which is represented by the largest national team at the WAF World Arm Wrestling Championships, country, which supports sport at the state level, is naturally populated by the largest number of professional arm wrestling fans. And it is important that these fans know that by supporting the events on which their hero - Denis Tsyplenkov -  pulls, they create new opportunities for Russian athletes to show themselves at the international level.

2nd place. United States - 18%

The fact that the US share in the purchases of broadcasts of this particular Vendetta is close to the first place indicates that in the homeland of professional arm wrestling can truly support real stars of professional sport. Unbeaten Dave Chaffee and super-strongman Scot Mendelson are really very popular! Plus, in this figure there is a part of Devon Larratt, who, judging by the positions of his homeland - Canada - in this rating, is known in the USA more than at home.

3rd place. Ukraine - 6% 

Andrey Pushkar has a big family. But if seriously, Ukraine - the birthplace of the strongest arm wrestlers in the world in all  weight classes - is already beginning to respond to its champions in return. Every year, armwrestling attracts more and more attention of Ukrainian sports fans.

4th place. Poland - 3% 

As you know, Igor “Don” Mazurenko lives in Poland. And Alex Kurdecha. And Marlena Wawrzyniak. All of Poland is rooting for their heroes and many will come directly to Rumia (tickets sold out, remember?). Therefore, this figure does not reflect the true level of support.

5th place. Sweden - 3% 

This position of the country with the most developed female arm wrestling suggests that Swedish fans have not yet come to their senses after an incredible erotic photo session of the participant of Vendetta All Stars Malin Kleinsmith. Let's hope that in the near future they will acquire such a number of access codes to paid Vendetta broadcast that Malin will have to thank them with new works of photographic art.

6th place. Canada - 3% 

Canada is a fan of Devon Larratt and so far, apparently, not fully confident in the victory of his great champion. After all, his rival is a huge Russian - Denis Tsyplenkov. We hope that Canada will wake up and take a place in the rating worthy of its legendary son and hero Devon Larratt.

7th place. Kazakhstan - 2% 

Knowing the level of development of armwrestling in Kazakhstan, the level of popularity of Dmitry Trubin, who will fight with the Georgian giant Levan Saginashvili, it is hard to believe that 10 days before Vendetta, Kazakh fans are in 7th place. Something should be done with this situation.

8th place. Georgia - 2% 

2 heroic Georgians at a time are fighting on Vendetta All Stars 50, on top of professional arm wrestling - Levan Saginashvili and Genadi Kvikvinia. It seems like Georgian fans are sure that they are doing enough to support their champions. Rating shows that they do not. Georgia, you can do better !!!

You can support your country and your champion by purchasing access to the paid broadcast of the unforgettable Vendetta All Stars 50 via this link:

The event will take place on November 17-18, 2018.

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