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“Vendetta All Stars 50” Press-conference. >>>

“Vendetta All Stars 50”  Press-conference. # Armwrestling #

On Friday, November 16, on the stage of the World Cup “Zloty Tur” and the anniversary “Vendetta All Stars # 50” a press conference will take place with the participation of the world professional armwrestling stars. ()

Press conference will begin at 13:00 European time (15:00 Moscow time).

The event will be broadcast live and will be available on (FREE after regular registration).

Igor Mazurenko, President of the Professional Armwrestling League - the organizer of both events, promises that the press conference on the intensity of emotions will not yield to the events to which it is dedicated.


Igor Mazurenko:

“Before the strongest armwrestlers of the world converge at the Vendetta table, it is necessary to do a little“ debriefing ”so that fans and viewers understand the true background of the upcoming fights and hear from the athletes themselves what they really think about their rivals and about their chances of winning. This is very important for those who will watch Vendetta and Zloty for the first time. And I, for my part, will make every effort for our legendary athletes to be extremely frank. I have a couple of surprises for them. ”

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Do not miss the main event of the year in professional arm wrestling!

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