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Everybody is invited and welcomed to Senec hand! >>>

Everybody is invited and welcomed to Senec hand! # Armwrestling #

Little more than in a month 26th professional armwrestling world cup Senec Hand will take place in Senec, Slovakia. Marian Capla, organizer of Senec Hand told us a history of the tournament and shared his mind about its future. ()

Marian, it will be already 26th Senec Hand. Can you tell how did this tournament begin?

– When we found Slovak Armwrestling Association back in 1992, we wanted to have real sport organization with national tournaments, membership in international armwrestling bodies (EAF, WAF) and to have one big international event in Sloviakia. In the very beginning we do not have contacts to other federation that is why there were two countries only in first two editions of Senec Hand (Slovakia and Czech Republic). After our first presence in EAF and WAF Championships in 1994 we have made a real international competition from Senec Hand. During the years we try our best to increase sport level and organization and I am really proud that Senec Hand becomes one of the best tournaments in Europe.

What was the brightest event among all 25?

– We had many bright moments. Every year we tried to introduce something new. But if I may say, the most memorable event was that in 2016. In that year we did live TV coverage (for the second time in line), technical support has been done on very high level (we used Mazurenko promotion team) and we were able to give the highest financial prizes in history.

What is the most difficult thing in sports events’ organization?

– Tournament organization is summary of multiple activities. The most important thing is not to underestimate any of them.

During the years I have learnt that basement is the good team of people who believe in final aim – to have the great tournament with satisfied sportsmen, team members and spectators. Then everything is possible.

Where do you see this championship in 5 years?

– Despite of various obstructions we are facing right now, I believe that in few years we may reach the level of 2016 and even exceed it and becomes one of the best tournaments in the world.

Why did you decide to join URPA?

– As I said before, all the time we try to introduce something new, and we think that URPA is good idea. We were working with something similar in Slovakia, for many years we had national ranking so I know what is it all about.

Are you going to prepare something special for this event?

– Actually, organization is all about financial support so we are doing our best with current budget. We hope than in next few years there will be a lot of possibilities to prepare many special things.

How many sportsmen do you expect to see at this Senec Hand?

– I expect to have same numbers as last years – 150 – 200 sportsmen from 17-20 countries. We do not do special invitations. Everybody is invited and welcomed!

Also we want to mention that Senec Hand is URPA certifed tournament so all who want to earn rate points may come and pull. Welcome!


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