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Masters and students. One stage - one sport! >>>

Masters and students. One stage - one sport! # Armwrestling #

A true Master does not have to tell about his successes, because they follow him, no matter what. A true Master can also be a Teacher and ... he should be proud of the successes of his disciples. Two competitors from the absolute world's top of professional armwrestling are also successful Teachers. ()

Let's start with a competitor from the "Pretenders" group in the upcoming edition of the "TOP 8" Tournament - Dimitri Trubin, from Kazakhstan, recently shared information about his pupils. Dimitri is a very "family" and sensitive guy, which I saw at last year's Disabled World Cup. He was so moved when one of the Paraarmwrestling girls asked him for a photo and autograph that he did not know what to say. I will remember this situation for a long time, because I was just so moved.

Dimitri Trubin showed pictures of his pupils. Both of them already have the titles of the Champions of Asia. Adam Habiyev - born in 1999, raised without a father, lives with his mother and brother. He moves using a wheelchair.

Disabled DPC group, which stands for children's cerebral palsy.

Mukhamedzhan Sembayev, born in 1998, is the second charge of Trubin. Disabled (children's paralysis), has trouble with independent walking.

With a role model like Trubin, they certainly do their best at training. We hope that in 2019 we will see the Master and his pupils at the Disabled World Cup.

Another athlete from the absolute top, or "Champion" group in "TOP 8" - Levan Saginashvili also has his pupils. One of them, Giga Ochkhidze was second in open class last year in World Cup and also third at the World Championships.

One sport - one stage!

Masters who are ready to work with Paraarmwrestling athletes and thus strengthen our entire sport.

Respect for the Masters - Teachers!


Anna Mazurenko

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