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Tarasaitis: He felt much stronger then normally! >>>

Tarasaitis: He felt much stronger then normally! # Armwrestling #

Recently we saw a fight between two smart pullers – Engin Terzi and Mindaugas Tarasaitis. Despite of disappointing result, Mindaugas is not discouraged. Here is his opinion about the fight. ()

This fight was a real masterpiece of hand-control. Engin allowed Mindaugas to pull different styles and try his strategic move but nothing worked.

Mindaugas, what happened at the table? What did interrupt you to unlock your potential?

– Terzi felt much stronger then normally! I could not stop his hit. His fingers and wrist were rigid and his hit sideways was very strong. I can only start playing my game if I am able to get a stop. Didn't happen this time...

After all this – would you reveal peculiarities of “The Bender” style?

– "The Bender" move didn't work mostly because of his side pressure. I will only talk about it more when I can show it in action properly.

If it is possible – what would you change in your preparation and fight?

– With Terzi it's a lot about wrist control. I would train it more before the next fight with him.

How are your hands after the fight?

– The good part of this is that even if I lost, my arms felt strong and endurance was very good. No injuries at all. I already did a 2-hour nonstop table time training yesterday. Now I learned a lot about Engin, so I would be much readier if we ever meet again.

Would you like to have a rematch?

– I would really like to have a rematch and go at him again!

It was a fight, where both pullers were active out of the table and right at it, so all should take this case as a role-model how to promote events. And we are waiting for another one armfight. Who will be next?


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