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Gravis: I’ll keep moving forward! >>>

Gravis: I’ll keep moving forward! # Armwrestling #

Is it hard to take 1st place in the Unified Ranking? Kaspars Gravis knows! ()

Recently at Riga Open Latvian athlete Kaspars Gravis pulled in a middleweight class. Now he has 1st and 2nd places left- and right-handed in the Unified Ranking. Was it hard to win this time? Is he going to protect his achievement?

Kaspars, share with us your feelings about Riga Open. Are you satisfied with your result?

– I had participated, if I remember correctly, 7 times in Riga Open and no, unfortunately this year, it wasn’t my best performance in Riga Open because I had flu. Last year I won my category with both arms and in open class I was in 3rd place with right arm and 4th with left. But anyway, I’m happy with results this year and pulled guys which I wanted.

Was it hard to pull there? Who was the hardest rival for you?

– Of course, this Riga Open-2019 was in different level, because of the new system, but from my perspective at arm table in any competitions, I don’t care who stands against me, I know what I have to do and I do my best at that moment. The toughest was, of course, the open category with heavyweight guys. I knew that my speed is their weakness, but of course, there was a side where they were better.

Now you hold 1st and 2nd places in unified ranking. What does it mean for you? Are you going to protect your places? Or maybe you want to change your 2nd place for 1st?

– These earned places mean that I have to work more on my shape to defend or even improve my standings. Of course, there’s a lot of factors which can interfere with my plans, you never know, but I know what I have to do, so as legendary "Over the Top" star Stallone said – I’ll keep moving forward!

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