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Armfight protocol: how to make a rating Vendetta >>>

Armfight protocol: how to make a rating Vendetta # Armwrestling #

In accordance with the URPA rating, athletes can take part in two types of competitions - the usual tournament with double elemination system, which is held according to its protocol, and armfight, Vendetta, which has a different procedure. ()

Armfight protocol is an addition to the main protocol of the tournament, which is used if the organizer wants to hold armfights and full tournaments in order to increase the overall entertainment of the event. Each organizer can count on the time of the event, how many armfights he can spend, and announces it officially, so that athletes can look for rivals.

If there are athletes nearby who have agreed to pull, they can take advantage of this opportunity and earn their points for rating. Athletes, participating in such armfight, can be sure that everything goes according to the rules, they will pull on certified equipment, and an accredited referee will work with them. Thus, participants can contact the tournament organizer so that one of the armfight protocols is open to them.

The form of the event on the site is still being finalized, but in the near future registering a tournament in the ranking, the organizer will be able to add an armfight protocol there.

Software for armfights will be available for event organizers only and the owner of the event can edit the results only. So - the organizer firstly has to register himself. After the successful authorisation he can add 1 fight to the system including the competitors, place, date etc. As soon as the event will be confirmed by our administration - he (organizer) will be able to edit the results in his control panel. One organizer can register unlimited number of vendetta pairs. System is prepared for unlimited matches.You can make the event with armfights only”, - explains Marcin Mielniczuk, technical president of PAL.

The system is right now still in production. That means we can do whatever is needed for armfights vendetta. Our plan is to show for our users current result, all statistics with warnings, fouls, strap matches and referee grip. After each round our administrator or person responsible for the results will update the data on the website”, - resumes Mielniczuk.


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