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Mathematics from Vitaly Laletin # Armwrestling #

The fight between Vitaly Laletin and Evgeny Prudnik was supposed to be more active and exciting. Both carried out colossal preparations, but Vitaly was more prudent in this fight. Igor Mazurenko shares his impressions of this fight. ()

The meeting between Evgeny Prudnik and Vitaly Laletin was built on logical calculations. Vitaliy turned out to be more cunning and insightful: he studied Evgeny’s fighting style in those numerous videos that can be found in the public domain.

It is logical that preparing for the duel, the rivals try to pick up some keys to each other in advance. In this case, Evgeny did not have such a key. He planned something: to interrupt the toproll movement of Vitaly and jump into the hook. But Vitaly clearly understood that he did not want to fight like that. And even if he would, then most likely the result would still be in his favor. But Laletin decided not to waste his strength and, moreover, not to injure his hands.

In 2004, I went to the Olympic Games for the first time - to see the sports of interest to me, for example, track and field.

I wanted to see the Greco-Roman wrestling also. And I realized that is no longer the elegant and spectacular view that we represent. This is primarily a measured tactical and psychological task, designed to prevent any admission from the opponent. The duel between Prudnik and Laletin was such an interaction.

Prudnik decided that he would pull in a hook, and Laletin should have prevented this. Next - a referee’s grip, a convenient position for Vitali. Laletin considered all aspects of the referee’s grip and turned it to his advantage.

They say that Vitaly lost the sixth round, and Evgeny managed to get into the hook. But I think that this is not so: Vitaly most likely wanted to donate $ 500 per round in order to feel the power of the hook.



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