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Ongarbaev: I want to prove my strength! >>>

Ongarbaev: I want to prove my strength! # Armwrestling #

Kydyrgali Ongarbaev is another athlete who came to replace the retired in the Top-8. What does Kydyrgali think about this and how will he prepare in such a short time? ()

Kydyrgali, when you received an invitation to participate in the Top 8, how did you feel?

- It was an unexpected turn for me, and a very big responsibility. Since I am the first athlete from Shardara who has received such honor and good luck. This is a historical moment for me, for Kazakhstan and for my club.

Are you satisfied with the opponent you got?

- I used to see him pulling. He is 50 kg heavier and a very strong, huge and talented fighter with character. And the rest  - the table will show.

Time is short, how will you prepare? Will you make any radical changes in training?

- After the championship of Kazakhstan, which took place in the city of Shymkent, I had a rest, I did not know that I would pull in the Top-8. When I found it out - an hour later I started training.

There are a couple of weeks to prepare, and I think I will pick up the form at least 60-70 percent of the maximum. But I will put my heart out in a fight for one hundred percent, because I want to prove to all ill-wishers my strength and the fact that Igor Mazurenko chose me for Top-8 for some reasons.

How do you think, how can the places in the standings after the first stage?

- I do not know. All those who compete in the Top-8 grid are strong, top athletes of the world. Time and the table will show.

Who do you think will be your opponent in the second stage?

- I will prepare for the second stage for one hundred percent. And I think I will be ready for one hundred percent. I do not care with whom I will fight. I will try to win! I wish all my rivals training without injury. And friendship between the federations. This is a blessing for our sport, which we love very much!


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