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MYARM Evolution: 101 Premier >>>

MYARM Evolution: 101 Premier # Armwrestling #

101 Premier is an example of local event growing to the international tournament. What was its way? ()

Malaysian Armwrestling Federation – MYARM – works on organizing an International Armwrestling Competition 101 Premier. Zil Fadli, MYARM representative, is growing his experience to make better event every time. Zil, is armwrestling a young sport in Malaysia? How did you get in it?

– Armwrestling started in Malaysia since 90s. The first time I joined a local competition was in 2008, organized by state association.

You have great experience organizing sport events in Malaysia. Can you advise something for those who also works on organizing armwrestling championships?

– To organize a good world championship is to consider the travel distance of armwrestlers from hotel to the venue. Also it will also benefit everyone that the venue is close and accessible to nearby facilities or interesting place to visit as armwrestlers should take the opportunity to do sightseeing.  And always make sure that the championship used high quality referees and equipment to ensure everything is running smooth.

What is 101 Premier story?

– Premier 101 started in 2016 and focus on local armwrestling promotion, it gets 93 participation back then and offer prize around $250 USD for champion with only three categories.

Then the second series in 2017 were open to all Malaysia with participations more than 150 and 5 categories including woman open class, we also have amateur class back then. The third series in 2018 with theme “Rise of South East Asia” receive outstanding participation at 250 entries with more than 15 countries involved; we provide $1000 USD cash prizes for three men’s categories and the rest five categories champion received $250 USD.

The next fourth Premier 101 is considered to be the biggest cash prizes event in Asia and we expect to get around 300-500 entries with 12 categories offered $1000 USD.

We expect to get at least 25 countries participations (mostly from South East Asia).

You use “charity” in tournament’s name. What does it mean? For what do you raise money?

– Premier 101 competition is the only tournament that introduce the charity concept. Every fees collection will be return back as charity to multiple entity.

Tell, please, one interesting situation that happened at this championship.

– Two of the best thing that happen during the championship last year was the introduction of Devon Larratt as traditional Sarawak Warrior. Devon is considered as icon and ambassador for armwrestling in Sarawak.

We hope everyone will come to this competition as we have lots to offer such as good cash prizes, medals, trophy, amazing beaches in Kuching, shopping place, and many more!

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