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Prudnik: I need all skills to pull with Babaiev >>>

Prudnik: I need all skills to pull with Babaiev # Armwrestling #

Evgeny Prudnik in Top-8 will pull with his old rival - Rustam Babayev. Will the fight be equal? ​​Or will Evgeny be able to counter Rustam with very serious preparation? ()

Evgeny, are you satisfied with the draw?

- I am pleased with the draw. Rustam is the only rival I know well and we have already met many times in fights. He, of course, he can prepare something new, but in general, I know his tactics, behavior model and pulling technique well. I have repeatedly won, so I have every chance of getting into the top four.

You have met with Rustam several times at the table. Are you interested in pulling him again?

- Yes, we met with him several times, but never met in the armfight, only in the usual grid. I wonder how we will distribute the forces in the six-round duel. And here you can use different techniques in different rounds. In the usual fight, there are no such opportunities; you need to use all the power, the crown technique. And here you can be cunning. You can use different styles throughout all six rounds.

What do you think will be your basis in the fight against Babayev: strength, endurance, technique or strategy?

- Yes, right, strength, endurance, technology and strategy - everything. I need everything for Babaiev.

There is not much time left, and it is clear that there is no sense in growing force, I have already made strength training at 120% and will continue to work at 70% -80% in terms of strength, and the rest is for endurance, technique polishing and strengthening short angle in which there is a load on the muscles.

What do you think, what are your chances to stay in the top four and continue to fight for first place?

- I think, here the chances are, as always, 50/50. I can get into the top four, the main thing is to do everything correctly, to pull correctly, to distribute the forces correctly, to use tactics, endurance, technique, speed.

Do you think that the absence of Denis Tsyplenkov will reduce the overall tension in the eight?

- Yes, of course, it is a pity that such athletes "fail". Now it turns out a completely different picture, another intrigue. Previously, everyone was waiting for Tsyplenkov and Saginashvili’s hack, but now everything is different. It is a pity, I wanted to see Denis in the fight. It would be interesting to see how he protects his belt. I wish Denis a speedy recovery and once again show great results. I planned to pull with him too to understand how I grew up after the Zloty Tur. And in six rounds for me personally, it would be interesting to try - could I do something? But probably next time.

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