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Bresnan: Armwrestling takes up most of my time >>>

Bresnan: Armwrestling takes up most of my time # Armwrestling #

Tim Bresnan is very important participant of armwrestling world’s life. He is a cold-blooded professional, very skilled and smart. What is hidden behind his black glasses? ()

Tim Bresnan is 54 years old puller from Connecticut. Tim has a farm and all his free time he gives to armwrestling with a local team in the Dungeon. Last year at the Disabled World Cup Tim Bresnan presented his branded glasses to Etel Koshkarova – junior girl, which pulls on a wheelchair, and then I saw all this amount of Tim’s kindness. But what he’s gonna do without his glasses?  

Tim, you know, sometimes poker players wear glasses to hide emotions. Does your glasses make you feel confident?

– I started wearing the glasses when I slipped and poked myself in eye. It just became my trademark. It helps hide my emotions.

Does farming make you calm?

– The farm keeps me busy and keeps me from losing mind. I have many animals at my farm, but I mainly breed beef cows. I have 10 at this point: three cows for breading two bulls.  And five that will be eaten. I love to cook. I cook all different foods, but love Italian food. And no sweets!

Tim, you’ve started riding bikes when you were 22. How many bikes have you had through all time?

– I have had seven.  My favorite was a 1965 Pan/Shovel Harley Davidson. It was very fast and just cool custom bike.

Do you pay attention to music during your workouts?

- I don’t listen to music before I concentrate on myself.  And I like all kinds of music, I have no real favorite. And I use to dance not much anymore.

How many metal you have in your body?

– I have a 13-inch plate and 14 screws.


What sports would you like to be involved in, if it would be not armwrestling?

– I love football but National Football League like the WAF have tainted it for me with political bullshit.  Shooting is only sport I am involved with.  Armwrestling takes up most of my time.

Do you like running?

– No, I dint run. I never run.  I get enough strength workout from farm beside working out and training.

Did you admit some armwrestling tricks in your life?

– When I train my teammates, I show them everything. Them winning makes me feel like I won 7 pullers come from all kinds of different people.

What traits should an ideal armwrestler have?

– I don’t think there is any ideal traits. I have a small hand that is not supposed to be good but it is. I know guys with short arms that are good. It's all in what you make for yourself.

Who do you think influence on your armwrestling skills and style?

– The main influence was made my training partner Ron Klemba. He pulls so hard outside he peaks the skin off your thumb. So I developed a style to stop him from doing that and it worked well on controlling a man's hand.

What do you do first when you win the Top-8?

– I'm going to train for whatever PAL has for me next. And I'm going to buy myself a thermal vision scope for night hunting.

5th of April Tim will pull versus Levan Saginashvili in the first stage of Top-8 tournament. You can watch this fight live on

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