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Trubin: Andrey Pushkar motivated me for growing >>>

Trubin: Andrey Pushkar motivated me for growing # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin is a young athlete who has achieved a lot at the amateur table and at the professional one. ()

Not only his wards, but armwrestlers around the world look up to him. At the time, Dmitry showed Andrey Pushkar that there are no invincible. How does the Kazakhstan giant live outside the sport?

Dmitry, what are you doing besides armwrestling?

- Besides the fact that I train myself, I also work as a coach. I work with youth, I bring them up.

Do you like cars?

- Of course, I like cars. For example, the brand BMW, jeeps. I had a BMW X5, with an engine capacity of 4.8 liters. Now I drive a Cadillac Escalade. Good car, close to my spirit. Reliable, powerful, heavy, very big. In general, I can tell a lot about my Escalade. He is now on tuning, slightly modified.

How many eggs do you eat per day? What is your favorite dish?

- I can’t say that I have some favorite dish. But what I love is kebab and steaks. I love seafood. I don’t like eggs, maximum - I can eat about five per day, in the morning at breakfast. At night, it happens add a couple of eggs in a blender with a cocktail, but I don’t eat them in large quantities.

What character traits do you value in people?

- In people I appreciate loyalty, decency, directness and kindness. You need to try hard to piss me off. In most cases, I am a discreet person.

Back in 2013. How did you take the news of the disqualification? What did this situation teach you?

- This situation was the impetus for me, after which I chose the path of a professional. I believe that the amateur federation, to put it mildly, has outlived itself.

At that time I had a lot of questions to this doping control, which I could not rise at the right level to appeal the decision. In general, without going deep, I will say that this situation made me stronger, and I chose the path of a professional for myself, tied up with amateur championships.

How much did the fight with Andrey Pushkar in 2015 on the Zloty Tur and the victory over Michael Todd have influenced you?

- It was Andrey Pushkar who was an indicator of strength for me, and when I gave him an equal fight in 2015, he motivated me to further advance my sports career. On Vendetta with Michael Todd - emotionally I was very charged, I did everything in training, and, as a result, during the fight too.

Would you like your children to follow your example and build a career in sports?              

- Of course, I want all my children to play sports. I will not force and decide for them exactly what kind of sport, but if they decide to engage in armwrestling, I will not interfere with this. I am for sport because it disciplines, develops both the strength of the body, and the strength of the spirit.

What do you do first when you win the Top 8?

- If this happens, first of all, when I come home, I will gather all my relatives and friends to celebrate. I will take a short break in my sports career, at least for half a year, in order to recover and heal all my injuries. I don’t remember when I was resting, I was getting ready for something all the time. And I'm not 20 years old anymore...

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