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Expertise: Saginashvili vs Bresnan >>>

Expertise: Saginashvili vs Bresnan # Armwrestling #

We asked experts to share their visions about the fight of Evgeniy Prudnik and Rustam Babaiev. Raimonds Liepins, Janis Amolins, Engin Terzi and Devon Larratt answer. ()

Raimonds Liepins & Janis Amolins: These two are real heavyweighters. Even if Tim lost the match, it was never easy. He has fights against Larratt, Bagent. He pulled with Babaiev and Kvikvinia. Kvikvinia found a way to beat him but if Tim stops somebody’s start, it is hard to beat him.

Starting explosiveness. 100% it goes to Levan. The older you get, the slower you get. For example, whem Todd Hutchings pulled Rustam Babaiev, he was very stong but was not be able to stop Rustam. Tim is faster than Todd is, he stopped the hit and could even start. Levan is not very fast too but I would say that he is younger and bigger, he will win the start.

Endurance. Here a big favorite is Tim Bresnan. We have seen when Levan stopped somebody, he even don’t know what to do and anything can happen. Tim doesn’t have this problem, he have been pulling in supermatches for years. If Tim stops Levan and it would be 15-20 seconds match, Tim will win it.

Technique. Levan has really good coordination for such a huge man. He can go inside, he has good hand control. He improved his technique, he pulls much better now, but Tim… He is also good! He had more time to develop his style and technique. He does almost the same all time. He stops his opponent having good wrist position; he can rotate from the deep hook. His style works for him perfectly. So this point go to Tim Bresnan.

Experience. Again Tim! He had a great number of supermatches. Levan had only one with Trubin, where he won easily. But Tim met almost everyone tops.

One more point is power. This point goes to Levan. All previous is Tim’s favors but with this one Levan could just smash Tim’s hand. If Levan will come 20-30% stronger than Tim it will look like Larratt vs Tsyplenkov.

So under such conditions Levan will win 6:0 or 5:1.

Engin Terzi: Tim Bresnan vs Levan Saginashvili may not look like a close one as Levan is much younger, bigger and stronger but Tim is a unique armwrestler with so much experience. Tim has wins over many top guys and it is not easy to beat him with an outside move as his wrist and pronator are very solid. Of course Levan has huge hands and it's hard to control. Levan is also my favorite in this fight as he has hunger to win against everyone and become the absolute best eventually. He is still progressing unlike us we older pullers. After seeing his win over Trubin it's hard to say that Levan will not win against Tim. But there is always a possibility of a surprise because Tim is a dangerous puller. Tim has better controlling ability than Levan has but raw power and genetic superior are in the favor of Levan.

Devon Larratt: Levan will win, cause he is way too strong.


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