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Expertise: Kurdecha vs Ongarbaev >>>

Expertise: Kurdecha vs Ongarbaev # Armwrestling #

We asked experts to share their visions about the fight of Evgeniy Prudnik and Rustam Babaiev. Raimonds Liepins, Janis Amolins, Engin Terzi and Devon Larratt answer. ()

Raimonds Liepins & Janis Amolins: Start explosiveness. I would like this point to Kydyrgali. Kydyrgali is well-rounded armwerstler. He is explosive, technical, smart. But I’ve seen a lot of fights where he just smashed his opponents. He can win a fight in one touch. The only question is will it be enough against such big guy as Alex. Alex has a background in a track-and-field athletics and American football; his overall explosiveness should be good. How could he coordinate this on the table?

Endurance. This point is hard to discuss because we haven’t seen many fights. But if they are nearly equal in strength, smaller one is always more enduring. When you’re big you get tired faster. But Alex had some supermatch in Italy with Manuel Battaglia, so he has experience it it.

Technique. Alex has an amazing toproll. He is good in it, in taking rival’s wrist and applying his style. Kydyrgali is so well rounded that we saw him douing everything. He toprolls, he pulls in hook, he presses, and you’ll never know what he’s going to do. He can surprise you really fast. Alex’s toproll is all about strength.

He is well coordinated as for man who is only few years in armwresling, but he is mostly about strength.

Experience. In my opinion, it’s Alex’s favor. He had supermatches with Scot Mendelson, Manuel Battaglia. I don’t know what supermatches Kydyrgali have had. But despite he is young he is experienced. He has won against Marcio Barboza, Vitali Laletin, Dmitry Silaev, lot of big names.

Power. Is should be clear that Alex has the power because he is bigger guy, he is stronger guy. But I think Kydyrgali applies everything he has. I believe Kydyrgali is very descent opponent for Alex. It could be 4:2 for Alex or the same for Kydyrhgali.

Engin Terzi: Kurdecha vs Ongarbaev is also an interesting one. Kurdecha is the clear favorite of the match as it's hard to toproll him as his forearm is very tall and he has a powerful back pressure. I say he is clear favorite because Ongarbaev is mainly a toproller and near 50 kg lighter than Kurdecha. A quick hook move by Ongarbaev can surprise Kurdecha but not sure, if Ongarbayev has power to win from there. It is not easy to hook Kurdecha just by power, a quick forward move seems necessary to hook him. If they go outside vs outside then in my opinion Kurdecha will have the edge.

Devon Larratt: Kurdecha will win, he is too hungry.



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