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Piotr Bartosiewicz: I want to check if I am not rusty! >>>

Piotr Bartosiewicz: I want to check if I am not rusty! # Armwrestling #

In just a few days, two brothers Bartosiewicz will appear at the competition in Skarszewy, remind those who do not know - who is older, Dawid or Piotr? ()

In fact, I should know this, but I do not know. Which of you is older?

- I'm three years older.

Here you are! I have known you long enough, and I had the impression that Dawid was a little older. And what about armwrestling training - who first started?

- Both at the same time. Just two months before the Polish Championship in 2004. True, I pulled before, but without preparation, just to try. As for success, Dawid has more Polish champion titles, but he pariticipated in different tournaments more often. And if we talk about the World Cup and the World Championships, Dawid also has more medals than me.

Do you train together?

– Sometimes. In general, we train at different times of the day and in different places. We have different training plans and systems. We train with different frequencies, so there is little opportunity to meet in training.

Let's move on to a duel with Bogdan Ivakhnenko. What made you accept this challenge?

– 11 years have passed since my last Vendetta.

It's time to check if I am not rusty.

Do you know your opponent?

– I never pulled with him. I know that this is a young armwrestler who is growing stronger every year. It can be seen that armwrestling is his whole life. Technically, he certainly fights very well in toproll, but he can also fight in a hook. He is fast at the start, and it is dangerous. The result he achieved at the World Championship testifies to his high level. It will be a difficult opponent. However, I do not divide the year into periods of rest and work, I train all the time and I feel prepared. I look forward to this fight with impatience. To summarize, our struggle with Bogdan will be interesting, although it is difficult to predict the result, because we have not met before. I wish my rival and myself good health and training without injuries. Show a great show! My regards.

We also wish you all the best and look forward to hearing about ...

As long as we keep it secret, when the time comes, Piotr will announce!

We wait!


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