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Mantas Asmonas: It’s a great honor to meet Bartosiewicz >>>

Mantas Asmonas: It’s a great honor to meet Bartosiewicz # Armwrestling #

In a few days we will see a series of two professional armfights in Elite division. These fights will define the leaders in two weight classes. ()

Lithuanian Mantas Asmonas will meet Dawid Bartosiwicz in this fight. Now Mantas has only 10 points and if he will win this armfight, he has a chance to get 3rd, which is much closer to his dream – the leadership in the ranking.

You got a professional Vendetta that will define your place in unified ranking. How do you feel?

– I’m very surprised and satisfied. Im glad to get this opportunity.

What does this armfight mean to you? What is your motivation?

– Earlier I was the 1st at unofficial world rating, now I have opportunity to compete for a better rating in official world armwresling ranking. I believe I can be the best in 78. It means a lot for me, and that’s the biggest motivation for me.

How did you choose a rival for Vendetta?

– Dawid invited me to compete in this Vendetta.

Are you satisfied with such an opponent? Have you met before?

– Yes, I meet him before. It was long time ago. I’m really satisfied, not every day the 1st in the world inviting to compete in the front of all the world for a better position in world armwrestling rating. It’s a big honor to meet him at the table again.

There was not much time to prepare for you. How do you rate your shape? Are you preparing something special to fight?

– I’m in really good shape, still have to lost a few kg before the start. I’m ready for the fight. There is not any special preparation. Just investigating the opponent, his weak positions and that’s all.

What would you like to say to your rival?

– I wish him good luck, waiting for a good fight!

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