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Alex Kurdecha: Everything could be done in other way >>>

Alex Kurdecha: Everything could be done in other way # Armwrestling #

The struggle of Alex Kurdecha and Kydyrgali Ongarbaev was an example of the advantage of experience over force. Alex received a lesson, which may help him in further fights. But what was the reason for his loss? ()

The difference in weight between Alex Kurdecha and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev was impressive, as was the difference in experience. Alex has identified his shortcomings and he is ready to work on them to ensure victory in fights with other rivals.

Alex, what do you remember Malaysia?

- Malaysia is remembered by jungle, hot and humid weather and very friendly people! And also many interesting events in which we, as Top-8, took part!

Judging by the first round, it seemed that victory would be easy for you. Is it so?

- In the first round I felt the strength of the opponent’s wrist, as well as its lateral pressure, I could control the fight and despite the fact that it was not completely convenient for me, I could use my strength and win.

In each of the subsequent rounds, you attacked first, but failed to finish Kydyrgali’s hand. Did something go wrong? Did you have a backup plan?

- Now, analyzing the fight, we can say that everything could be done in other way. The second round was decisive when I won his wrist too, but I went into an offensive movement, which was not typical for me, and very heavily loaded my hand in an unfavorable angle (in this position I didn’t have to fight at all). We can say that I "lost" to myself. My hand was very tired, and in the subsequent rounds I couldn’t turn on to the full, moreover, I lost all my corners, and the hand was even more numb. Everything can and must have been done differently.

But then, exactly in the second round, where, despite the atypical position of the attack, I saw that there was about 2 centimeters left before the pillow, I thought that I needed to push the opponent, but in fact I just killed my hand. If I returned my shoulder and started the attack in a comfortable position or turned my shoulder for fighting in triceps, then everything could be different. Lack of experience in such situations gave the result of mistakes on my part. Kydyrgali is a good fellow, I don’t know if he planned such a fight, or came to this position during the fight, but this position was decisive. The strength of the wrist, stretch and even lateral pressure - in the first round they were on my side, and he found a way, this position and endurance was the key for him.

Do you think your fight with Kvikvinia would be different from fighting with Ongarbayev?

- Surely only the table could show, but I think that yes, because I remember the hand of Genady, I held his hand and, in principle, it was clear what to expect from him. He could attack in the hook and in the triceps, and also hold with a dead wrist, but he has other angles, another hand, and he is heavy, and I just like to fight with superheavyweights.

What will you pay attention to in the subsequent preparation?

- I need to pay attention to the tactics of the struggle, to work out the specific situation, to pressure, and of course, I will strengthen the wrist and the attacking movement even more. As one toproller said, it is best to defeat an opponent with one movement, clearly pinning into the pillow, than to measure in endurance. Of course, a lot of things need to be improved, and I will do it!

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