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What is a rating armfight? >>>

What is a rating armfight? # Armwrestling #

Soon we will see the third ranking armfight of athletes from the Elite division of the URPA rating. ()

The Unified Ranking of Professional Armwrestling, URPA is a rating that will help solve a simple question that all armwrestlers ask: who is the strongest and most successful fighter in the world?

URPA - these are three divisions: General, Elite, Top-8. A sportsman's productive performance in one of these divisions gives him the opportunity to move on the rating grid using armfights, and thus rise in divisions (or descend in case of loss).

Taking part in any tournament registered in the rating, an athlete will receive points and move on the rating table. With a sufficient number of points, the fighter gets the opportunity to pull at the tournament of the Elite division – Zloty Tur.

Participants of last year Professional World Cup have already been registered in the ranking. They also have a basic number of points in their account - 10 each.

Next, their position in the rating depends on the rating tournaments and the rating armfights where the sportsmen will fight.

For example, we have already seen two rating armfights: Engin Terzi versus Mindaugas Tarasaitis and Illia Izman versus Mirtaleh Aslanov. The third rating event will be the tournament in Skarszewy, Poland, where the tournament for the General division and two armfights of the Elite division will be held. These armfights will determine the future positions of the participants in the rating.

Important: any athlete participating in the ranking can independently search for opponents for armfights within the division and weight category. Thus, a pair of participants of the upcoming Skarszewy tournament was formed: Dawid Bartosiewicz offered Mantas Asmonas to fight. If the professional tournament is accredited by the URPA, then it is possible to open an armfight protocol and hold a rating meeting.

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