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Bogdan Ivakhnenko: I want to be the best in the world! >>>

Bogdan Ivakhnenko: I want to be the best in the world! # Armwrestling #

Every athlete dreams of becoming the best in the world. Many talk about it honestly in an interview. They share their dreams of championship, even if they have not reached the top in national competitions. There is nothing wrong. ()

For many years I have been involved in sports (including armwrestling), communicate with athletes from different disciplines, with athletes from different professions. Therefore, I have a certain flair, and it seems to me that I can appreciate the value of such statements. After talking with Bogdan, I am convinced that he has many chances to fulfil his dream. He has the potential to become a world champion.

What do I base this premonition on?

Bogdan is now 25 years old, the best age to start a big career. Behind - eight years of training. Since 2014, Igor Mazurenko has been consulting, because Igor was the one who “noticed” Bogdan at competitions, namely at the World Championships. This means that Bogdan does not work in terms of quick success, but with a plan for many years, step by step. The rating Vendetta in Skarszewy, I believe, was not an end in itself. It was quite a necessary stage to reach the right place in the ranking and go higher. From our conversation, it turned out that Bogdan trains mostly alone, three times a week. He is not threatened with overtraining because he works according to plan. Another thing - no sparring partners. Not yet! If only he decides he needs to move - for example, to Gdynia, where he will have many partners for training, the results should be achieved. Speed ​​is another thing. This function is difficult to work out and is much easier to break.

Bogdan is fast, not only in his weight category. He is fast in general, and is unlikely to lose this ability! I count on it at least.

In search of sparring partners, it happened that he went to the Krasnoyarsk. Look - how many kilometres from Kyiv ...

In addition, from his physique and method of pulling it can be concluded that he is very well prepared from the point of view of overall development, which will work in his favour for the next years, seasons.

The rest is psychology and motivation ...

According to my feelings, on April 27, 2019 in Skarszewy, we saw a candidate for the number one title in armwrestling a few years later. It is worth remembering these competitions and this name.

What do we know about the athlete?

He trained for eight years. Since 2014 he has been consulting with Igor Mazurenko. He took part in the championship of Ukraine for five years. He was a champion only once. His role models are Arsen Liliev and Khadzhimurat Zoloyev. At first, he watched Igor's workout on YouTube. He trains on his own, or rather, alone. He has equipment in one of the usual fitness gyms. Previously - also alone in very Spartan conditions.

His strengths he considers versatility in the fight and endurance.

And finally ...

Looks like he put everything on the sport!

Well, dear readers, I’m not a bit afraid that now, in the middle of 2019, I predict a really great career for this puller.


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