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Honorable mentions for Armwrestling Champions >>>

Honorable mentions for Armwrestling Champions # Armwrestling #

Two Polish Masters of Armwrestling and Paraarmwrestling: Maciej Gralak and Radosław Kwietniewski were appreciated in their local communities and received awards for sports achievements in 2018. ()

Both men are well known on the world stage of Armwrestling and Paraarmwrestling. They win medals at domestic and international events, often competing with each other. They have behind them and in front of them - many starts at the Professionals' World Cup and Disabled World Cup, held every year in Poland, in Rumia. Both are also known in their localities for social activities.

Both - Maciek and Radek took part in local government elections last year.

Maciej entered the Dąbie City Council and Commune with a large number of votes, after a great, American style election campaign. Radek ran out of several voices, but he still works in his area.

Dąbie is a small town where everyone knows and appreciates Maciej Gralak. Now - as a councilman - Maciej cares about sports and tries to help people with disabilities.

When I visited Maciek and his dad Stanisław Gralak (also an armwrestling player) in their area of ​​operation, I found out how much respected and liked they are. The same goes for Radek in his city - Mysłowice. There, with almost every trouble - citizens runs to Radek and he organizes help.

Maciej and his Dad at home and Radek at home have many, very concrete examples of helping residents and good local initiatives.

For our armwrestling, every, even the smallest distinction, even in a small town translates into the popularization of our sport. Armwrestlers become even more recognizable and attract others to practice our discipline.

Relaxedly, slowly, patiently - we do our own. Everyone according to their strength and capabilities.

Maciek, Radek!

Congratulations on honors and ... keep doing that!

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