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Vitaly Laletin: It was convenient for me to fight with Trubin >>>

Vitaly Laletin: It was convenient for me to fight with Trubin # Armwrestling #

Vitaly Laletin was a worthy replacement for Denis Tsyplenkov. It seemed that his appearance could give Dmitry Trubin a chance to win, but in fact, Dmitry did not feel better. ()

Being one of those athletes who had very little time to prepare for a fight, Vitaly Laletin managed not only to get around the injury, but also to improve his performance to the highest level. Was it difficult for him to fight Dmitry Trubin?

Vitali, what do you remember about Malaysia?

- Malaysia I remember by its hospitality, great excursions. The first time I felt not like a competition, but as on vacation, with good people who surrounded me.

Congratulations on a successful debut! You had little time to prepare. What did you focus on?

- Thanks for the congratulation. Yes, in fact, I had little time to prepare. And I focused on the treatment of my right hand, since it was very sick. To a duel more or less I managed to restore it, but not to the end. I fought on painkillers.

When did you realize that you could win this fight? Did you have any strategy in case you start to lose?

- I realized that I could win this fight when the score was already 3-0. There was no strategy at all, I acted one at a time constantly - I punched Dmitry with toproll, just like the first three times.

Was it hard for you to gain weight? Are you comfortable in such weight?

- With a weight of 130 kg, I felt, in general, comfortable.

Did you bet on the start? After all, almost all the fights you won at the expense of the start.

- Yes, I bet on the start, but not in all matches I managed to start first. There were fights where Dmitry managed to go into the hook. But in general, I was able to fight him. I would not say that I won all the fights only at the start. It turned out that my training at the moment was better than Dmitry’s, and therefore I won.

If you had a long struggle, would you have the strength to complete it with the same result?

- I think I would have enough energy and strength to complete the fight with the same result. I consider myself to be an enduring athlete in armwrestling.

Was Dmitry Trubin comfortable for you in the end?

- Yes, Dmitry Trubin turned out to be a comfortable athlete for me. The length of his arm is the same as mine, only the wrist is slightly smaller. It was convenient for me to fight with him. He is also a toproller, I like to fight the toprollers. But this time, for some reason, he decided to go hook. I do not know what contributed to this, but at that moment he chose the wrong trajectory of movement, and that’s why he lost.

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