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Tim Bresnan: I used all my arsenal but one thing >>>

Tim Bresnan: I used all my arsenal but one thing # Armwrestling #

First round of Top-8 was tough for Tim Bresnan. Did he learn a way to pull with Saginashvili? ()

The draw was not very lucky to Tim Bresnan and he got Levan Saginashvili as a rival. Tim is very experienced armwrestler and he definitely knew what to do. Despite hard work and intensive preparation, Tim couldn’t even stop Levan. Is he really too strong?

Tim, what’s your impression about Malaysia?

– Malaysia was one of the nicest places I've ever been. Not just for the countryside but the people are so nice and friendly. You don’t often see that in this world anymore.

You got a tough strong opponent. Do you know how to defeat Levan theoretically?

– Actually, I gave him it all.  The only way I see him being beaten is maybe running him over with a car and then MAYBE.

Can you say that you tried your entire arsenal?

– I used all but one thing. And I don’t think even that would have worked.

In the last round you were quite aggressively trying to slip or change the angle. What was the purpose of using this technique?

– I wasn’t trying to slip I was trying to get out of his fingers but he stopped my hand mid table and the rest of me just kept going.

What other matches did you like?

– The only match I found competitive was Kydyrgali and Alex's match. That was a fight to the end. I don’t see any of the others going that way.

Perhaps the fight in the lower bracket will become more intriguing than the fight among champions. What do you think about this?

– I like watching armrwesling in any class.  So if it is more competitive – it's good.

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