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Eating habits, in and outside sports >>>

Eating habits, in and outside sports # Armwrestling #

1/3 of sportspeople show ignorance when it comes to rational nutrition. ()

There is a strict relation between rational nutrition and sporting achievements. Many people, when asked, said the same. All the recent studies and literature all over the world underline the leading role of nutrition in sports development, role more important than physiotherapy and training.

Also, over half the population of sportspeople shows knowledge about the benefits of supplementation with proteins and carbohydrates. This shows a high level of physiological knowledge, because carbohydrates supplement glycogen, which constitutes about 1% of body mass in a regular person, and up to 2% body mass in a sports person. This kind of supplementation quickens the regenerative processes in a body and prevents overtraining.

About 30 % of sportspeople show lacks of knowledge in this subject, resulting from personal omission and inexpert coaching. One could examine pros and amateurs as to their level of knowledge, and also examine the achievements of those who have knowledge and those who don’t. The next step would be to examine achievements vs the level of adherence to nutrition programs. It’s interesting to observe the differences in opinion about supplementation in sports. This difference may result from factors like : lack of knowledge, outdated coaching, or lack of education in a young sportsman’s environment.

In tests of obesity and metabolism ailments like diabetes, results have shown that family nutritional habits are one of the elements of upbringing, resulting from tradition, region ornationality. The same applies to physical activity and rational nutrition. Definitely, an environment where sports are a part of tradition will have better knowledge that that where sports areneglected.

Another element of forming bad eating habits is the pace of living. Commuting and having a lot of responsibilities tend to lead to eating fast and without thought. A big dinner becomes themain meal of the day, which leads to imbalances in glycogen levels, which in turn leads to slower regeneration and immunity.

Proper nutrition is a necessity for a body to function properly, exist in a state of mental and physical wellbeing. One needs to provide a balanced diet, and fulfill all the nutritional needs of abody, at regular intervals.

Nutrients are digested inside the digestive tract and influence many intercellular processes that create energy needed to function. A body needs about 60 different nutrients, somegenerated by our bodies, most however need to be supplemented externally. Unfortunately, many people don’t care about what they eat, they just want to satisfy the hunger and go ontheir way. We eat way too many animal products and floury foods. Our diets lack fruits, vegetables, and diary. Our everyday food is too processed, often consisting only of empty calories,fats and carbs. This leads to obesity and so-called “civilization” illnesses, like high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart diseases.

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Maciej Sośnicki

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