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Being a referee is a passion! >>>

Being a referee is a passion! # Armwrestling #

We present to you: Maciej Sośnicki - armwrestler, coach of the legendary first Polish armwrestling club - Zloty Tur, Gdynia. Physical education teacher in one of the Gdynia schools, organizer of youth and student competitions, and most importantly ... an armwrestling referee. At the European Championship in 2019, was elected the best referee of the championship. This title underlines the importance of the phenomenon, which I boldly call the “Polish school of refereeing in armwrestling”, and is the result of the work begun by Monika Duma and Judyta Wierczyńska. We congradulate Maciej on this well-deserved honor, and he briefly shares his impressions of Greece. ()

Maciej, at every competition I see your excellent work at the table. It has been rated. How did you respond to the title of best referee?

- First, it was a big surprise! During the presentation of memorable gifts to the referee, the organizer did not let me go to the stage immediately. I did not know what was going on. When the commentator said that he was inviting the best referee of the championship to the stage, I didn’t believe it. Awesome emotions!

What is for you – to be referee in our sport?

- This is not a profession; this is a passion. I like it! I could not wait to go to the European Championship. I was counting the days for this event.

What are the impressions after?

- The first two days – junior starts with a new category of 14-16 years. Despite such a young age, the athletes were very well prepared.

Personally, I was a little afraid of fighting in dangerous positions, because at this age the muscles and tendons are not yet 100% developed, but ... everything went without injury, and I am very glad about it. The next two days are the starts of athletes with disabilities - I like to judge these fights. I admire the dedication, sporting stubbornness of those people who, despite their state of health, travel thousands of kilometers to fight not only with an opponent, but with themselves – my little reflection – let's take an example from them. The last two days are senior. I can only say one thing: armwrestling at the highest level.

How much time did you spend at the table?

- I spent most of the time at the table, which I remember. After returning to the hotel, when everyone was preparing for the party, I... I slept like a dead, tired, but VERY happy. Now a little rest and autumn trip to the Worlds in Romania.

Thank you for the interview and congratulations again!

- I warmly greet all armwrestlers and not only!

Interview: PeSzy

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