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Kydyrgali Ongarbayev: I will prepare to win >>>

Kydyrgali Ongarbayev: I will prepare to win # Armwrestling #

At the draw of the second stage of the Top-8 Kydyrgali Ongarbayev got Levan as a rival. Is Kydyrgali worth getting ready for this fight? He is determined: yes! ()

Kydyrgali Ongarabev became a real discovery of the first stage of the Top-8. He showed great armwrestling skills - even with superheavyweights. But in the second stage draw, he got Levan Saginashvili.

Kydyrgali, did you like Kyiv?

- When we arrived, we were met by Igor Mazurenko, and I was very happy about that. I liked Kyiv, it’s  very beautiful city. We also went to Ternopil in the gym of Andrey Pushkar, where he trained. He had a lot of students, and we tried to pull with them. Guys really surprised me, there are some very strong, rough athletes.

But we have more in Shardara!

What do you think about the draw?

- I will say that the draw was 100% fair. We took the balls and chose our numbers with our own hands. It turned out that I will fight with Levan.

Are you interested in this armfight?

- Highly. I will prepare five times more intensively than before to win Levan. I want to thank my trainer Arman Karsybayev for sending me here and teaching everything. And give my regards to Shardara Armsports.

Tim Bresnan said that Levan is a wall. But Kydyrgali is not as simple as it first seemed. Can he make a surprise and win against the Georgian Hulk?

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