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Devon Larratt: Every Top-8 match is ace! >>>

Devon Larratt: Every Top-8 match is ace! # Armwrestling #

Devon Larratt shared his opinion about the second stage of Top-8, which will be held in a month in China. ()

I am very excited about what's going on in China.

Let's start with B-bracket.

Here we have a rematch between Rustam Babaev and Tim Bresnan. Epic! It was epic last time and they even didn't pin each other. It was 4-2 in favor of Rustam but they were super close, there was no single pin the entire match but I actually really liked this match. I think Tim is so strong. I don't want to say something about his size, he is very good. To me it's such an exciting match. I'd like to see PAL introducing running fouls because of it.

I go with Tim this time! Last time he was really pissed about it. Also Tim faced Levan. So he's got to be stronger. Rustam had such a fight with Prudnik, he must have done much more rehab.

It's a very close matchup. It will be 4-2 either way.

Kurdecha and Trubin. I think Kurdecha is an upcoming talent. He is like giant piece of clay that is just being molded into really high-level armwrestler. He is in Top-8 but I think Dmitry Trubin is too experienced, he's been in a game significantly longer time. And I think it is the difference. Dmitry should be able to take Alex' hand and leave him too little options.

So I think Trubin will win 6-0.

Ongarbaev vs The Hulk. Now we probably have a guy who is recognized number one in the world. Probably if you look at the history of armwrestling, he's got to be one of those guys whose frame, his density, his bounce is the top.

Ongarbaev has a warrior's spirit, his technical ability is through the roof but he is just a human now.

I love this match because it could be just one of those crazy hero’s stories, because if Ongarbaev beat Levan, it will be the greatest match in armwrestling history. If he wins it will be one of the most legendary feats the armwrestling world has ever seen. or that reason this match is very exciting for me. Levans strength seems still unmeasured by a large stretch.

But it's 6-0 for Levan.

Prudnik vs Laletin. When I think of Europe, I think that tall guy is Laletin, short guy is Sasho Andreev and medium guy - I think it's Prudnik. They are three young fighting champions.

Laletin is bigger, taller, heavier. Speaking about their versatility - they both are versatile. I am so impressed with both of them. But I go with Laletin this time. His hand is heavier. But technically Prudnik is excellent. However, all things being said, I must pick the real life version of Lincoln Hawk. Ice road trucker for the win.

Can’t wait to watch! Every match is ace. Brilliant event.

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