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The most interesting draw! >>>

The most interesting draw! # Armwrestling #

Athletes from the top group of the second stage of the Top-8 will find out which of them will be in the final, and who will have to fight for 3-4 place. How can these fights surprise us? ()

According to the draw, Vitaly Laletin - Evgeny Prudnik and Kydyrgali Ongarbaev - Levan Saginashvili are in the top grid. Considering the fact that there is still a third stage ahead, such a draw looks like one of the most successful options.

Today's favorites of the tournament - Levan and Vitali, if they are really the strongest, have a chance to meet in the final. And, obviously, it will be more interesting if one of them is only slightly inferior to another by force, and at the same time being headlong against other participants, would have lost in the semifinals and in the end would have taken only third place.

This is the second time that we are faced with the fact that Levan’s domination seems so large that his fight against Kydyrgali does not cause due excitement, and, as a result, interest. And this undoubtedly fits into the hands of the Kazakh athlete, because if he defeats, he will not lose his general position, as happened with Dmitry Trubin earlier. And his victory will cause a real sensation and make him a superstar. At the same time, for Levan, the situation is not of the best in the moral component, because the victory will not give him anything new, and the defeat will throw much back.

If a little fantasizing on the topic of possible rivals for Levan, it is obvious that for sports fame, it would be much more interesting to collect Evgeny or Vitali into the collection. We do not claim that Prudnik is stronger than Kydyrgali, it is quite possible that we still have to find it out, but it is clear that for the world community Prudnik still looks more titled.

And as for Ongarbaev himself, it’s so obvious that he would benefit from fame in any group wins, and it’s logical that it would be safer for him not to fight against the main favorite of the tournament before the final.

But the second duel in the group, between Vitaly Laletin and Evgeny Prudnik, on the contrary, is of great interest to both the public and the athletes themselves. On the one hand, Vitaly won Dmitry Trubin in the past with ease, not to mention the numerous victories over many famous athletes, including Andrey Pushkar. On the other hand, Evgeny Prudnik, who in addition to a no less impressive track record of victories, also has the title of absolute champion of Zloty Tur-2018. So it can be argued that the draw for these athletes was very successful. But with regards to the audience, for us this fight will be one of the most interesting in the series, because we have already seen the strength of Vitaly, we can more or less represent his potential, while at the same time completely unaware of what level Evgeny Prudnik came to. Indeed, after the devastating victory over Rustam Babayev in the first stage, he added a lot. And knowing him as a true professional in his field, we are sure that he is only continuing to develop his power potential, and in terms of technology and adjustment for a rival, he has never had any problems before. And it is the fight with Vitaly that will help us to understand how strong Prudnik really is and what his place is in today's ranking of the best of the best.

But the reasoning is just reasoning, and the second stage in China, which will definitely show us a spectacular and interesting struggle that will help us to put our places in the ranking of athletes, is already waiting for us quite soon.

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