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Dmitry Silaev: I'm getting ready for a tournament in China >>>

Dmitry Silaev: I'm getting ready for a tournament in China # Armwrestling #

After the last Zloty Tur Dmitry Silaev disappeared due to an injury from the horizons of arm wrestling. But after him he was very closely watched and then his performances were expected in absolute terms, because it could directly affect the current composition of the Top-8 tournament. This is already a story, but we have good news - Dmitry “Siberian Kid” Silaev is back in business! ()

Where did Silaev disappear? When was the last time and what was the reason for the break?

- It's simple, I had an injury - dislocated shoulder, which I received on the Zloty Tur last year. For this reason, I have not worked for six months and recovered. At the moment I can’t say with certainty that I’m fully restored, there are small fears of injury recurrence, but all doctors have already allowed me to train, with the exception of some exercises - pull-ups and bench press with large weights for 6 months. In the period of absence in the sport, I developed in other areas and try myself in business.

Have you resumed your training at this time? How would you rate your form?

- Yes, I resumed training, there are certain nuances, but in the fight it will not interfere. Now I am purposefully preparing for a tournament in China. In fact, the break associated with the injury even made some well changes for me, now I am getting into shape and I'm fine.

You will pull in China, and what other starts you have this year?

- Now I am preparing for a tournament in China, and after that I plan to participate at the Zloty Tur. I will be completely ready for the tournament in China and I go there only to win.

The geography of arm wrestling is expanding, major tournaments are being held in India, Malaysia, Korea, China and other countries. Is it good to have such choice or is it better to go to traditional tournaments in Europe?

- Definitely, to have a choice is good. Personally, I would rather choose just in tournaments in Asia, it’s closer to us and the time zone is almost the same as in our home. For me, Asia is the best and coolest option for performances, better than Europe.

Now the world of arm wrestling is going through hard times. The community of athletes is divided conditionally into 2 camps - did you make your choice?

- I would not want to be divided into two camps, in fact, I would like to perform where I want. But now I will pull in PAL.

We do not know about you, but we were already waiting for the performances of this talented and promising athlete. We look forward to D.1 Armwrestling China Open and wish Dmitry good luck!

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