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Instanbul Supermatches # Armwrestling #

Recently in Istanbul there were 5 supermatches with headline one of Artur Makarov vs Engin Terzi. Zil Fadli shared his opinion about this event. ()

There were five matches. First match was Said Erkam Bıyıkoğlu - Ahmet Recep Cabaoğlu left hand. Erkam broke his right hand at Euroarm, his left was mean. It was easy 3-0 for him. The next match was girls - Gülhan Bilgiç vs Ayşan Ergül. It was very hard at first two rounds. Even though Gülhan got the first hit and control Ayşan just took it back with her side pressure. And she won 3-1. Then we saw a match of Dursun Önder vs Erkan Damar.

Another impressive match was Daniel Procopciuc vs Murad Varhan. It was a deep hook match for both. Daniel hold for some time, but Murad was managed to win all three rounds. It was very intense fight, where Turkish sportsman got an advantage and Daniel was just unable to beat him.

And Artur Makarov vs Engin Terzi. It was very interesting because I didn’t expect Makarov to pull in such way. First round he tried to go into hook, but he failed because Engin’s pronator was very strong. But Artur was able to control Engin with his wrist and fingers.

So he pulled back and hold from this position getting an advantage due his gigantic arm. But he still couldn’t hit Engin. Then it was foul and a restart, Engin was a bit tired but he won using side pressure.

At the second match Engin thought Artur would pull the same way but he was wrong. Artur went very fast side pressure. He couldn’t pronate, so he held him for some time. Engin attacked several times and but it Artur was like a wall. 1-1.

In the third match Artur planned to go to hook again. Maybe he was overconfident in it. Engin took his wrist completely, 2-1.

In a fourth Engin did something like king’s move, but it was a bit wrong, he couldn’t hold his hand. 2-2.

So, the fifth round. Both were already tired. Probably, Engin didn’t learn previous matches. When Artur attacked Engin, he could pin him, because of Engin control. But it was a long match,almost 20 seconds. Engin was in a defensive position. And with every hit Artur was closer to the win. So, 3-2 Artur Makarov won.

So, we saw five brilliant matches. I was happy to take part in the event and hope we’ll see Engin in action again!

Zil Fadli

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